Wedding at first sight 2021: Selina and Michael separated?

After Michael and Selina got married at “Wedding at First Sight” in 2021, the two lovebirds floated on cloud 7. But are the two separated or are they still together? There was still a honeymoon atmosphere in episode 6, but an Instagram post speaks a different language.

  • Selina and Michael tied the knot at “Wedding at First Sight” in 2021.
  • The two spent their honeymoon on the Canary Island of La Palma.
  • On Instagram, Selina accounts for the gossip press and indicates whether they are still together.

The first couple of the eighth season of “Wedding at First Sight”: Selina (26) and Michael (30)! When the two saw each other for the first time in front of the altar, they were both speechless. After a hug, the wedding began and soon came the big question that everyone had been waiting for: Will Selina and Michael say yes? The answer of the two was: Yes! To seal their marriage, the long-awaited kiss fell, which made everyone cheer.

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Selina and Michael enjoyed their honeymoon on the Canary Island “La Palma” and, during a romantic walk on the beach, told the SAT.1 how they stand together. The fact is: Both of them do not regret the step into marriage in any way and are already talking about being in love and their future together. “I can definitely say that I fell in love and fell in love with you,” Selina confesses to her husband. But are they still so happy and in love?

Are Selina and Michael separated or are they still together? Intimate picture on Instagram is clear!

Shortly after the wedding, 30-year-old Michael believes that he has found his soul mate in Selina. But are the two still together? After Selina gave a tip on her Instagram account with a holiday picture together, Michael is now following suit. He posts a couple photo on his account that shows the two newlyweds together in the pool on their honeymoon together. Closely embraced, Silena nibbles tenderly on Michael’s ear. Michael writes:

Infinity pool or not, as you can see, I’m the cutest in the picture. “

Michael, Instagram

A week later, the blonde posted a picture of himself and his wife eating. The caption: “After the sporting activity in the Jumphouse, we first earned a portion of French fries, slightly overdressed – but with style.” The two seem to really enjoy life!

Selina gives a tip about her relationship status on Instagram

Selina shares a photo of herself and Michael Instagramthat raises questions. Is the couple separated yet? After all, the show was recorded in the summer. Selina underlines the picture with the song “She still loves him” by pop singer Markus Luca. And this text is really telling.

“She still loves him, still so much. And even more every night, ”says the short excerpt that Selina has in hers Instagram-Story shares. And further: “But whatever she does, he doesn’t see her.” This excerpt makes fans sit up and take notice: Are the two no longer a couple and have they been separated for a long time?

But another post from Selina seems to indicate that the couple is still together. It’s a photo of Selina and Michael. She writes about the post that the two are in Oldenburg and it is exciting to see the places Michi ends up.

“Wedding at first sight”: In episode 6, Michael and Selina still have a honeymoon atmosphere

In recent weeks, numerous media have not speculated whether the relationship between the two could be over. Before the 6th episode of Wedding at First Sight, Selina gives her Instagram followers this tip under couple photos with Michael: “Don’t believe everything that the gossip writes …” That sounds very like: “We are together and happy – no matter what the celebrity media speculate! ”.

Also in episode six, which was broadcast on December 8th at 8:15 pm on SAT.1, the viewer got the impression that Selina and Michael are made for each other. For the first time Selina sees Michael’s apartment and is absolutely thrilled. After all, there is romance overload when gluing a photo book together: Michael and Selina, beaming up to their ears, fill the book with snapshots from their honeymoon and indulge in memories together. Your interim conclusion: We are still very happy!

Whether that has changed in the meantime and what the relationship status of Selina and Michael really is, the audience will probably only find out in the grand finale of “Wedding at First Sight”, which will be broadcast on SAT on December 22nd at 8:15 pm .1 is broadcast.

Wedding at first sight
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This is what Selina said earlier about the experiment

In Selina’s profile of “Wedding at first sight” in 2021, the blonde said: “I hope that it works now, on this path and, in the best case, the love of life is waiting for me.” In terms of type, she would neither describe as particularly shy or particularly extroverted. The surgical assistant would like to have an open and communicative man as a counterpart to herself. “I want to finally get into life, especially in my private life,” she said.

That’s what Michael from “Wedding at First Sight” said in 2021 about the show

Michael in turn said:

For me, marriage is ultimately the point where you have arrived and know that this is the partner you want to spend your life with. Of course, these are also obligations, but I would also like to make them.

Michael, SAT.1

Michael would like a harmonious relationship in which you can talk openly and honestly about everything, share various hobbies, but also give each other freedom. “My biggest wish right now is to simply arrive,” the soccer fan told SAT.1. His dream woman should look good and be self-confident.

So did the two of them find what they hoped for from each other in their partner? The next few weeks and months will show that.