What is January for? – Money Times

Use the first month of the year to organize your goals (Image: Pixabay/@StartupStockPhotos)

Few question that setting goals is relevant to achieving success in our personal development.

Taking an active stance, taking the reins of our future, gives us parameters and references to move forward in the pursuit of goals that make sense to us.

Successful companies dominate the process of setting and measuring objectives and goals.

From a long-term view, intermediate checkpoints are determined in a constant process of verification and feedback.

As an example, to “be the biggest and best platform for financial education for individuals in Brazil in the next decade”, it is necessary to seek periodic quantitative (number of subscribers) and qualitative (subscriber satisfaction) advances that progressively consolidate the long-term vision .

Bringing now the human component, the organizations’ macro goals are the parameters to define the employees’ individual goals. Thus, everyone knows what they must do for the company to prosper. To ensure a better alignment of interests, a variable remuneration system is applied (bonuses, commissions, profit sharing, etc.) so that everyone goes to the same side.

Now the legal entity leaves and the individual enters.

Like companies, successful people also use a system of clear goals and objectives for their development.

There are exceptions, of course. Intuitive, lucky, blessed by God and beautiful by nature, they thrive organically, with no need for prior planning.

If you are one of them, lucky you. After all, a winning team doesn’t move. To others, including myself, take advantage of this favorable time of year to plan. And do this in a structured way, putting on paper (or on a computer screen) tangible goals and objectives to be achieved.

Drawing a parallel with business planning, set targets for different areas of your life, just as companies set goals for each of their departments.

What do we want to achieve in the year as the parents we are? As husbands and wives. Like children, like friends. Try to set objective goals that can be measured and tracked.

In health, what habits do we need to change to get to the end of the year in better shape than we started? What will the exercise routine be, what foods will we forgo, and which will we prefer?

In our profession and business, what will be the priority? What are the points for improvement? Is it time for a radical change? To change area, activity? Change city or state? Leave Brazil? Return to Brazil? Again, try to be as objective as possible to make it easier to follow up.

The list of spheres to be developed is long and depends on individual preferences.

Culture, education, hobbies, leisure, tourism, and so on.

And we can’t end without dealing with financial life and our goals as investors.

What aspects will you focus on this new year? Do you have debts? Do you think about reducing them? If you have investments, how do you plan to prepare for the opportunities to come? What is your profile? What is your risk tolerance?

This week, an old friend from high school came to me for advice on his investments. Semi retired, well off, with good liquidity, he said he was in doubt between dedicating himself to day trading or investing in funds. I replied that, despite being absolutely different activities, both are reconcilable as long as they are placed in the appropriate boxes. I advised him to outline what his investment objectives would be (equity appreciation, income, entertainment—why not?) and thus allocate his assets and attention accordingly.

Again, set objective goals with practical follow-up.

Do you want to invest abroad? Want to build an income portfolio? Think about paying attention to cryptocurrencies? How about putting this as a commitment to be fulfilled?

Courses, books, conferences. Set goals for financial education as well.

It’s still the first week of the year. There is time to plan, but not much.

Get started now.

A hug,