What locations is Deathloop’s Blackreef Island inspired by? Its creators reveal it

Arkane explains what real locations they were based on to create Blackreef Island, Deathloop’s main setting.

Deathloop is one of the best games we have seen this year, and in fact many of you do not hesitate to put it on your lists for GOTY 2021. It is available in PS5 and PC.

Developed by Arkane (Dishonored), this first-person shooter is set in the Isla Blackreef, where we suffer a time loop as we progress through each scenario.

Surely, in case you have played the title, you have asked yourself a question: how were the scenarios of Blackreef Island created? What was your inspiration? Arkane clears our doubts.

Through Deathloop’s official Twitter account, its creators they have revealed what were the inspirations to create this hostile island. Because if, Blackreef Island is inspired by two real locations.

For the industrial areas of the island, the creators of Deathloop ensure that Edinburgh and its black stone facades they were the basis of their designs, as well as the gray and muted tone of their areas.

Anyone who has visited Edinburgh (Scotland) He knows that it is almost a nightmare place, that it is beautiful and terrifying in equal measure. Arkane did not hesitate to draw inspiration from her architectural zones to create Blackreef Island.

Deathloop embargo September 13

Arkane’s other real inspiration was Faroe Islands. The idea was to create a lonely feeling on Blackreef Island, and for this reason the design team took this country made up of 18 islands as a reference.

Blackreef is inspired by Edinburgh, Scotland, with dark tones of stone facades made from the rock present on the island. Arkane was also inspired by the Faroe Islands to give it that isolated village feel.”.

Touring each district of Blackreef Island is an adventure, but surely now it will not hurt to replay it knowing your real inspirations. Who knows, you might discover something new and exciting.

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And speaking of discovering, we still don’t know if this mysterious Deathloop riddle will have already been unveiled. The level designer assures that there is still a great undiscovered secret in the game.

Deathloop is currently available at PlayStation 5 and PC, and it is undoubtedly one of the best games released in 2021. For Xbox players, it is very possible that the game will arrive on Microsoft’s console sometime in 2022.