Where to find mint in Genshin Impact

We tell you exactly what you can do with all that mint that you will easily find in practically any area of ​​the map.

Throughout our games Genshin Impact Not only do we have to explore and fight against other creatures, but we also have to collect a series of elements and ingredients to store in our inventory, and one of the most important is the mint that we use to create a lot of dishes.

One of the most common and most valuable elements that we can find in our adventure through Genshin Impact is mint, an ingredient that we can use to cook a large multitude of dishes and that we can find throughout the map, and you should know exactly what it looks like and where to place it so that you always have a large number of them.

We are going to focus on telling you absolutely everything you need to know about mint, exactly what it is like and where to find it, although I don’t think you will have too many problems because it is a fairly common element.

Where to find mint in Genshin Impact

You will find mint in practically all areas of Genshin Impact, specifically this element is easily visible when we go through grassy areas since it is a cone-shaped blue flower with different green leaves under the flower.

About a specific location to find mint in our game, the truth is that it is in any area of ​​the map, especially in Liyue, Dragonthorn and Mondstadt. But in the rest of the locations you will also have mints.

Genshin Impact

Other ways to get mint

In addition to finding them on the ground, we can also buy mint from the supplier Chloris and that you can find in Mondstad.

If you don’t want to spend money you could use a pot to grow mint, and you can buy these seeds in the different markets of the game. Of course, it will take about three days to finish growing.

Genshin Impact

What to cook with mints

We have a lot of dishes among which are:

  • revitalizing feline food
  • Shrimp cocktail over fries
  • mint salad
  • satiating gel
  • mint gelatin
  • extreme fishing
  • cold meat dishes
  • Meat and mint rolls
  • blessed symphony
  • Seafood soup
  • Vegetarian radish soup

So try to gather a large number of mints in your game, something that you will not have a problem with because there are a lot scattered throughout the field.

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