Who will be Berlin’s best young athlete of the month?


Who will be Berlin’s best young athlete in February?

We regularly introduce sporty talents from Berlin. Here are our candidates. Vote!

Leon Rojkov (figure skating)

Reason for nomination:

Leon became the German junior figure skating champion in Dortmund.

Leon Rojkov, 13 years

  • Trainer: Silke Heritz
  • School: Sports and competitive sports center Berlin
  • Society: BSV 1892
  • Active since: 2011
  • Previous sporting successes:
    • German junior champion 2021
  • Hobbies: My hobby is dealing with the history of mankind.
  • Sporting goals: Stabilize my triple jumps and learn new ones
  • Life motto: Always have fun
  • Role models: My role model is Yuzuru Hanyu because he runs very well and has very long and high jumps.

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Paula Pichier (swimming)

Reason for nomination:

Paula participated very successfully in the Deaf World Championships in swimming. She reached two 6th places over 200m chest and back and two 8th places over the 50m distances.

Paula Pichier, 12 years

  • Trainer: Renate Stamm
  • School: Sports school in the Olympiapark – Poelchau school
  • Society: Wasserfreunde Spandau 04
  • Active since: 2012
  • Previous sporting successes:
    • 6th places over 200 B and 200 R as well as 8th places over 50 R and 100 B at the short course World Cup for the Deaf in Gliwice / Poland (open valuation)
    • Since 2020 member of the deaf national swimming team
  • Hobbies: In addition to swimming, I have a lot of fun with basketball, table tennis and soccer, and at school I also play water polo.
  • Sporting goals: Participation in the 24th Summer Olympic Games for the Deaf, the Deaflympics, in May 2022 in Caxias do Sul / Brazil
  • Life motto: New day New luck.
  • Role models: I like athletes who give everything for their goals.

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Nova Kienast (athletics)

Reason for nomination:

Nova ended the year 2021 very successfully. She took 1st place in the DLV best list of the U14 in the discipline hammer throw (60.45m).

Nova Kienast, 14 years

  • Trainer: Thomas Brack
  • School: Sports and competitive sports center Berlin
  • Society: SV Prussia
  • Active since: Since the age of three I have tried various sports from ballet to tennis, gymnastics and skiing, and finally I came to athletics at the age of 10, so 4.5 years ago. At the age of 11 I tried hammer throwing for the first time in a BLV holiday camp and Vanessa Pfeiffer spotted the only one who turned the wrong way round. It seems to have worked, though, because Vanessa gave me the contact details for the whelping house and said I could get in touch in 1-2 years, but I wasn’t that patient. A few weeks later I had my first trial training session in the sports forum.
  • Previous sporting successes:
    • Berlin record U14
    • Berlin record U16
    • Best performance: 60.45m with 3kg
    • Leadership in the German leaderboards up to and including U18
    • North German Champion 2020
    • Certificate of honor from the Neukölln district office of Berlin
  • Hobbies: In addition to school and sports, there is not much time left for other major hobbies, but I am very interested in science and meditation, enjoy reading and often do something with my friends at boarding school.
  • Sporting goals: to start international competitions
  • Life motto: Higher faster further.
  • Role models: I have many role models in individual areas who have achieved something or have qualities that I find admirable, but not a single one.

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Pauline Pfeif (Wasserspringen)

Reason for nomination:

Pauline was very successful at the Junior World Championship. She won silver in the tower competition.

Pauline Pfeif, 19 years

  • Trainer: Igor Gulov
  • School: School and competitive sports center Berlin (SLZB)
  • Society: BTSC
  • Active since: 2007
  • Previous sporting successes:
    • JEM 3rd place 2021, Croatia
    • JWM 2nd place 2021, Kiev
  • Hobbies: Baking, cooking, listening to music
  • Sporting goals: 2024 Olympics, 2022 World Championships and European Championships
  • Life motto: It´s okay to fall down, but it´s not okay to stay there.

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