Why you should never stop learning new skills

With the lockdown we learned what time means, how we spend it, how little we take advantage of it, how many minutes there are in a day and how quickly the years go by. We have learned to take advantage of the opportunities to hug our grandparents, to enjoy family and friends, but also to try new things, not to regret it… and thanks to this we realize how important it is to learn, be curious, try new hobbies, new abilities. And it is that this, psychologically speaking, has numerous benefits. Today in COOLthelifestyle We tell you why you should never stop learning.

The importance of learning new skills

try a new hobby, start a new program, learn a new skill, you can boost your confidence and provide you with a new sense of purpose.

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In the pandemic we realized what we really want, at least we learned to prioritize things, see how we work and spend our time. And it is that it was in this fight, locked up at home, without contact with our family and friends, terrified to go out on the street, where we found the essence to live better.

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In the spring 2020 we live a 300% increase in searches for online courses. Joanne Mallon, trainer and author of ‘Find Your Way’, explains in his book that the human being has the tendency to get stuck without a purpose. The purpose is the ‘why’ that drives us

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However, this resolution does not have to be a big leap, it only takes small changes that make you feel more fulfilled in the present and positive in the future; you can plant a garden, learn a new language, sign up for that crochet or singing class that you have never dared to do… There are different ways to learn new skills, the important thing is to use your brain in a different way.

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If you want to restore your confidence, try doing something you know how to do well. If you know how to paint, join a painting workshop.

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Any learning requires adopting a beginner’s mindset, which can be exciting and liberating, as well as terrifying. Be curious and open, don’t judge or let yourself be judged, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable at first, no one starts out knowing. However, if you finally decide that something is not for you, nothing happens, that’s fine, not everything is a resounding success, success is having tried and knowing that skill is not for you.

Learn for health and pleasure

Repeated studies show that people live longer and in better health if they have a purpose.

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If you want to find that new hobby or skill, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Name things things that you know how to do well.
  • If you didn’t have to work for money, what would you do?
  • When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Why do you think people come to you?
  • What would you do if they told you that you cannot fail?