“I can’t wait to get my life back in hand”

Here ends the cycle of chemotherapy from Carolina Marconi for his fight against the tumor breast. The former gieffina has literally crossed the final finish line of her battle and celebrated with her loved ones, complete with cake and balloons. “The sun always comes back after every storm” is the motto of the joyful surprise event.

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Carolina Marconi: “Return to breathe the freedom of living”

Colored balloons and a lot of emotion for Carolina Marconi in her celebration for the end of chemotherapy. “Here I am, almost reached the finish line. Tonight it will be hard for me because I will not sleep because I am excited and worried at the same time … I can’t wait to take my life back into my hand – he writes in an Instagram post – to get this port off me to make myself healthy and sleep peacefully, go back to sports, play paddle, tennis, dance the tango I would like to do everything above all to breathe the freedom to live, regain my strength and see some regrowth in my little head Pelatina », adds.

Disbelief and emotion for the former gieffina who wants to give strength, with her story, to all the women who fight the same battle: “I don’t believe it, I got this far and I really don’t know how she came up with this incredible strength that I believe both in each of us but that we often forget to bring out …I almost felt like a superhero in this hard journey .. a little Wonder Woman Pelatina who unconsciously gave me an immense charge especially when I felt down in the dumps and consequently never made me give up. I would like to thank you for the company in these months, truly the most difficult period of my life … you have made it less difficult. Feeling all this wonderful affection, you have been of great help, I will never forget it. I love you that God bless you all. “

Last updated: Thursday 11 November 2021, 15:17