I Know What You Did Last Summer new prime video series

It’s with a new identity that “I Know What You Did Last Summer” will gain a sequel, only this time in episodes. The series is one of Amazon Studios’ new bets for the suspense genre, and intends to revive this style classic slasher for old fans and a new generation.

You may not know it, but both this new version and the 1997 feature classic were inspired by a book by Lois Duncan, a writer considered by many to pioneer novels for young adults and who collects other great titles in the genre. We can watch other films inspired by his books, such as “Through a dark corridor” and “The Terror Rounds the School”.

a new summer

Although the novel is from 1973, the context can be very current. Here we will see a new group of young people, who on their graduation get involved in an accident, killing a fisherman on the road. With everyone at the height of their rebellion and aiming for freedom, they decide to hide the body and keep it a secret from the group, but the secret won’t stay buried for long. A year later, the group starts receiving messages and threats, until the first murder for things to start to take on other proportions.

What to expect

It was not clear whether we will have a lot of violence, since little is revealed about the crimes, but if it really follows the style of the film, the audience can expect a good suspense. Another theme of the series is the conflicts between young people, as the accident puts everyone at risk, but not at equal risk. The series has an obvious appeal to young-adult audiences and promises to be great for marathon runners.

But we’re only going to find that out on October 15th, when the first four episodes air, and thereafter every Friday there’s a new episode.

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