If you give “Solar Power” a chance to Lord (and then another), you may like it

On the second album by Billie Eilish, some listeners complained that the songs on it were slow and often not very pronounced. However, they had no idea what Lorde would come up with on his album trio “Solar Power” a few weeks later. Yes, you can listen to her popularity, but it will cost you a lot of time.


Lorde – Solar Power

Released: 20.8.2021
Total time: 43 minutes

Tracks: The Path, Solar Power, California, Stoned at the Nail Salon, Fallen Fruit, Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen it All), The Man with the Axe, Dominoes, Big Star, Leader of a New Regime, Mood Ring, Oceanic Feeling

Publisher: Universal

Lorde’s debut album “Pure Heroine” garnered an enthusiastic absolute rating on the music server, and we even voted their second album “Melodrama” as the best record of 2017 in the annual poll. . It is definitely not a bad work, but it does not reach the quality of its predecessors by far.

The power of the sun it requires its listeners to devote time to it and a lot of undisturbed listening. Not that it’s not accessible, it’s just slow for the most part and not much is happening to it. It is unlikely that the record will eventually bloom in your ears and your initial impression (what a boredom) turned into an enthusiasm that this was an absolutely brilliant act. But, for example, after twenty such hearings, you will find out that the novelty of this New Zealander is not as weak as you originally thought. And that it actually is pretty good. Given that the singer worked on it again with Jack Antonoff, who was behind the beloved record “Melodrama”, it is clear that the result is what the couple wanted it to have. Lorde doesn’t solve much in the songs, she calls “Solar Power” her own “grass” album, only the sometimes even folk-sounding well-being often slips into boredom. Who managed to name more than three specific songs after ten listings, won the maze. It is not always necessary for the records to contain hits, but when sometimes there is nothing to catch for tens of minutes and one cannot say which song is playing and whether it is at the beginning or end of the album, it is not a real nut. Does the title track sound a bit like a hit, for example? Rather, the listener can decide, together with the music writers, whether the singer was more inspired by “Michael Michael’s” Freedom “or” Loaded “Primal Scream.

So why do you end up with seven out of ten points in the evaluation? Because if you give “Solar Power” a lot of chances, in the end you will start to really like it as the author of the review. You will find your favorite pieces (“California”, “The Path,” “Mood Ring”), you will enthusiastically discover Robyn at the end of “Secrets from a Girl” and maybe even Lord will admit that he is entitled to record the record he wants . All you have to do is listen to the beach and have a peacock to listen to it. And yet you have to forgive her for giving you a lot of work to listen to, even to describe her in words. pretty good. Or that it would good enough?