″I found small mentality at United″


Swede talked about some less happy backstage episodes he lived at Old Trafford

Zlatan Ibrahimovic isn’t exactly known for being a mouthful and a lot of filters, even when he speaks publicly about former colleagues or clubs. Now, the Swede tried to remember the times when he played for Manchester United, a club that, for the striker, did not prove in practice as great as one might think.

In the book “Adrenalina”, the Swedish international recalled a story involving a juice and an unwanted payment while playing in one of the colossi of world football.

“Everyone thinks United is a top club, one of the richest and most powerful in the world, and from the outside it seemed that way. But once there, I found myself in a small, closed mindset. One day I was at the hotel with the team before a game. I was thirsty so I opened the minibar and drank some fruit juice. We played and then went home. Some time passed. The pay slip arrives. Usually I don’t look at it. I do it at the end of the year to see what came in and what came out. But that time, I don’t know why, I was curious and realized that they had taken a pound off my monthly salary. I called the team leader: ‘Sorry, because it is who took a pound off my salary?’ The team leader looked and said: ‘It was the fruit juice from the mini-bar..’ ‘Are you kidding, seriously?’ ‘No, I’m not. Here, if you order something, you have to pay for it,'” he said.

Ibra recalled yet another moment that particularly irritated him as a Manchester United player. “Every day he asked me for my documents to enter the training center. He said to the person at the door: “Listen, buddy, I’ve been coming here every day for a month. I’m the best player in the world. If you still don’t recognize me, you have the wrong job,” he said.