″I would like to see an image that shows that Aylton has touched the ball…″

Writing with Lusa


Statements by Paulo Sérgio, coach of Portimonense, after the defeat (1-2) against Marítimo, for round 17 of the championship.

Defeat by falling off the cloth: “It tastes terrible. It’s a game with many twists.”

Arbitration: “I would like to see an image that shows that Aylton touched the ball in the invalidated goal. I’ve seen dozens of images and I still haven’t seen any. Maybe there are some that I haven’t seen. Then, the unhappiness in the way we lost that penalty with the two touches on the ball [de Carlinhos]. It is naive of us, but the ball that gives Marítimo the first goal is a “treasonable” ball, so to speak, and I would also like you to see where the offside was scored and the ball was replaced, outside the area , later.”

The game: “I think it was a great game for the team, which got fed up with creating a game and putting Marítimo “on the ropes”. [a defesa], but we made the mistake that will bring extreme happiness to Marítimo’s team. If the draw would already be clear, I won’t take any points from this game, given the team’s performance, we are very frustrated with that, even if positive with the performance.”

Classification: “Being in this position [sexto lugar], with a job that is done to develop young people coming out of the under-23 team, I think we are proud of what we are doing well, but we feel, especially in home games, that we could have a good half dozen more points without anyone’s favor. We are satisfied with the classification, but there is a lot to achieve and therefore a lot of humility and “down to earth” because nothing is done. We lost points at home for different reasons. Each game has its own story and making an overall summary of the situation doesn’t seem objective. In most of the games where we missed points at home, we had better quality of play and supremacy over the opponents. But football is prodigal in these things, we are also gaining points away.”