″If we didn’t have Gérard Lopez as an investor in Boavista SAD, it would be difficult to have the door open″

Manuel Casaca


Vítor Murta was elected this Friday for another three years as president of Boavista. The only candidate for the elections that took place at Estádio do Bessa, the checkered leader projected the next term, while analyzing the last three years of the club’s presidency.

debts: “Contrary to what happened in the past, we cannot take a step bigger than our legs. Today we are paying that bill. When I arrived we had a debt to Somague of 55 million euros and a request for insolvency. the debt to 19 million euros and, in my mandate, we have already paid one million euros. We still have our employees with their salaries up to date and we have a series of obligations that we are fulfilling. Boavista SAD would be very difficult to have the door open, because we would be paying two quotes. One of them from a past in which decisions were not the right ones, but it is also not worth crying over spilled milk, solutions must be found. At the moment, Boavista still hasn’t found solutions that allow it to have another 100 years of existence. We have to consolidate this relationship with Gérard Lopez. We don’t have revenues at the club and at SAD to be self-sustainable and the entry of Gé rard Lopez was the solution to our problem”

About investor Gérard Lopez: “There is a very close relationship between me and Gérard Lopez. The care he took to help us appeared before he became a shareholder in Boavista. The guarantee that we would return the money to him or fulfill the obligations was in minutes. doubt that he likes Boavista and wants it to be a great club, but it is also necessary that he has people he trusts here. with Boavista. I’m not a unique or rare piece, but it’s easier when I’m in here, because I already know the problems. People don’t have to like me as a person or as president, they have to like Boavista. united, as we have been, we will be very successful”

Projects until 2024: “Work has already started on the synthetic field for our formation, which should be concluded in the near future, and we have the dream of having a pavilion, as we already had, and which was the best pavilion in the country. We have thought and designed a space for the pavilion, which would be next to our grass training field. I don’t think it will be possible in the near future, but I would like to end this cycle of mine at Boavista with the laying of the pavilion’s first stone. It is important that fans and members do Boavista to focus on our stadium, as it used to happen. We need to bring young people back to Bessa, to start having love for Boavista, and this is also done since I was little”.