″They have money and think they are going to buy Messi, Mbappé and Neymar. It’s not like this”


The opinion of Mivah Richards, a former Manchester City defender.

The ambition of Newcastle fans has skyrocketed with the entry of new owners into the club and fresh cash that make them dream of luxury signings in the next markets. But in England warnings are emerging that things may well not work out as planned. It is the example of Micah Ricards, former defender who lived up close to Manchester City’s rise.

“Alan (Shearer) personifies every Newcastle fan right now. The sense of relief, the ability to dream again, has all been unlocked by this new investment from Saudi Arabia. The landscape has changed. The first challenge is to gain credibility. I am sure that there are many supporters who believe that, as they now have the money to buy Messi, Mbappé and Neymar, they will buy them. It doesn’t work like that, far from it,” he said in the opinion column who subscribes to the “Daily Mail”.

“Take Everton as an example. They spent over 500 million pounds on players (with a net spend of over 210 million pounds) trying to get into the top four with owner Farhad Moshiri, but the biggest names they made are still Wayne Rooney and James Rodríguez”, he compared, speaking after the example of City.

“That’s why Robinho was so pivotal for Manchester City in 2008. He wasn’t the best signing of the Abu Dhabi era seeing what he did on the field, although I’m convinced things would have been different if he’d come a little bit We suddenly managed to bring in people like Nigel de Jong and 12 months later we got Carlos Tevez and Patrick Vieira, names that wouldn’t normally be in our market. You can talk about money, but that alone won’t convince a player to change- if,” he creased.