″Wouldn’t fall asleep at break

Ana Luísa Magalhães


In a new episode of the series “Ironias do Destino”, on Porto Canal, Pinto da Costa recalls 2012, talking about the option for Vítor Pereira – following the departure of Villas-Boas – and highlighting a Benfica-FC Porto

Vítor Pereira succeeds André Villas-Boas: “Continuity was important. We were taken a bit by surprise with the departure of André Villas-Boas, because he had a contract. Chelsea showed up and it was a bit untimely and not counting. In that emergency of finding a replacement, since we cannot prevent André’s departure, because Chelsea paid the termination clause, we felt that the best thing would be to continue the work. Vítor Pereira was André’s number two, but very close to him and with a lot of influence, which the players respected. It turned out to be a good bet, he won two championships. The players adapted because they also knew him well.”

James Rodríguez on time trial to play in Luz: “James was in the national team and it only arrived around midday and he was concerned that he was not able to play. When he arrived, we went to pick him up at the airport, we explained the problem and naturally that he was tired. He said he wanted to play. A plan was established with Dr. Puga and he, as soon as he got to the hotel, immediately went to bed, after eating something. in day, if he didn’t fall asleep at break [risos]. It was established that he didn’t come in right away, because it would be too much effort, but he went in and turned the game around: he scored a goal, scored another and we won the game. It was the certainty that we would be champions.”

Champions on the sofa: “Benfica drew at Rio Ave and we automatically became champions. It’s not the same thing… it’s not the same. On the field, with goals, with the participation of the public, it’s something else. I don’t like these situations at all.”

Arrival of Jackson Martinez: “It was very important. He was a fantastic striker, he had a nose for goals. An excellent professional who still has many friendships here today. He is very close to FC Porto.”