The central role of “Mimi” Marchand in the retraction of Ziad Takieddine published by “Paris Match”

The scoop of Paris Match and BFM-TV was not. With all due respect to Nicolas Sarkozy, who was immediately delighted that the truth finally broke out on the case of the supposed Libyan financing of his presidential campaign in 2007. In the article published on November 21, 2020 in the weekly and the short video broadcast by the news channel, the intermediary Ziad Takieddine returned to his accusations of corruption against the former head of state. This retraction now takes on the outlines of a maneuver aimed at making the Franco-Lebanese affairist testify in this direction. A “Witness tampering”, according to the terms of the current criminal investigation, which has already earned five people to be indicted, including Michèle Marchand, figure of the press people, and Noël Dubus, a man already convicted of fraud.

Since the revelations of Release and of Mediapart, on the murky role played in this affair by Noël Dubus and Michèle Marchand (known as “Mimi”), director of the Bestimage photographic agency and close to the Macron and Sarkozy couples, the Central Office for the fight against corruption and financial offenses and Tax (OCLCIFF) attempts to clarify the circumstances and extent of the manipulation. With the watermark, a central question: was Nicolas Sarkozy aware?

In any case, this was assured by Noël Dubus during his hearing in early June before the examining magistrates Vincent Lemonier and Noémie Nathan. According to elements including The world was able to take note, he recounted having met the former President of the Republic three or four times at his home in Paris, in particular in December 2020, each time in the company of Michèle Marchand. It would then have been question of the interview with Ziad Takieddine and the confirmation to come of his remarks before a notary.

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Central place

Nicolas Sarkozy is said to have been as enthusiastic as he is impatient. A version strongly denied by Mimi Marchand during his custody. “I never told anyone about Christmas”, she said, swearing never to have brought anyone, not even her husband, to Nicolas Sarkozy. She made no secret of her motivations or her bias, however, saying she wanted “Kill Mediapart », at the origin of the revelations on the Libyan affair. Solicited, her lawyer, Me Caroline Toby, did not follow up.

Noël Dubus assures us that it was “Mimi” who asked him, in September 2020, to organize the disputed interview. In front of the investigators, he indicated to have paid several thousand euros to Takieddine and one of his relatives, concomitantly with the change of version of the latter. In addition, the photograph of a dedication of the book The time of storms signed by its author, Nicolas Sarkozy, was found as an attachment to an email sent by Mr. Dubus to an unknown correspondent. It is written there: “For Christmas, thank you for everything, your friend”. Investigations are currently underway to determine whether this document is genuine. Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not been heard by the police at this stage, did not respond to the requests of the World.

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