The 55,000 civil servants of the City of Paris will have to work a little more

They had to end up respecting the law. The 55,000 civil servants of the City of Paris are therefore preparing to work a little more, to align themselves with the rules valid throughout the civil service. After five months of discussions, endless meetings, spectacular demonstrations and backstage negotiations, the City of Paris has just completed a project in this direction. It should be endorsed by the next meeting of the Paris Council, Tuesday July 6. The Socialists should vote in favor and the text pass without too much hassle, even if part of the left and environmentalists have reservations.

Anne Hidalgo, the socialist mayor, would also have liked to obtain the agreement of the unions. In the midst of the presidential pre-campaign, the former labor inspector could then have boasted of knowing how to modernize the public service with the support of those who embody it. The unions did not want to give him such a gift. On June 18, the six structures united in the inter-union (CGT, UNSA, UCP, FSU, FO, CFTC) voted against the draft regulation submitted to them. Only the CFDT abstained “Out of prudence, even out of mistrust”. A general assembly held on Wednesday, June 30, planned to organize a new event in front of the Paris City Hall, on the occasion of the city council.

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The negotiators, however, know it well: the effort required of the agents of the City of Paris could have been much more violent. For many of them, there won’t even be any impact. “The new framework remains the most advantageous in France”, recognizes Dominique Basson, from the CFDT. “He is among the most benevolent”, confirms Antoine Guillou, the 32-year-old socialist deputy in charge of this delicate file by Anne Hidalgo.

Nothing but logic. From the outset, the elected employers and the staff representatives agreed in substance. Both denounce the law of August 6, 2019 on the transformation of the public service, which forces Paris to increase the working time of its agents. A constraint “Against progress”, Antoine Guillou slice. “The fact remains that the provisions of this law are applicable to the City, which must abolish eight days of extra-legal leave from the 1is January 2022 », notes the Town Hall.

A whole series of tips

According to this text, the effective working time of territorial civil servants must be identical to that of the State civil service, the equivalent of thirty-five hours per week. However, in Paris, the agents benefit from a more favorable treatment acquired for a long time, at the time when Jacques Chirac held the Town hall. Thanks to the “four days of the mayor” and to the “four days of winter” granted then, the civil servants of the capital can work only 1,552 hours per year, instead of the traditional 1,607 hours. In many special cases, “This time is even more strongly reduced”, underlined the support of Emmanuel Macron during the municipal campaign.

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