“5G protection” necklaces are radioactive and damage DNA

Talking about 5G is talking about the new communications network and new opportunities for the most diverse segments of society. However, perhaps because we are facing a pandemic for COVID-19, there are those who believe in conspiracy theories and consider that 5G is bad for your health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already said that 5G is safe and little more to add! But I knew there are people using paraphernalia against “5G radiation”?

Pay attention to gadgets against "5G radiation"

Conspiracy theories against 5G are many and with the pandemic everything got worse. Some even blame the 5G for the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Did you know that gadgets against “5G radiation” are sold on the Internet? There are from necklaces, bracelets and other objects to "keep away" the radiation. This situation led the Netherlands Agency for Nuclear Protection to issue an alert against these products, because they work with "ionizing radiation". This means that, in this process, the electron receives enough energy to separate itself from an atom, which can cause adverse effects.

necklaces of "protection against 5G" are radioactive and damage DNA

According to the Netherlands Nuclear Protection Agency...

Exposure to the ionizing radiation process can cause adverse side effects. Given the potential for risk, these products are prohibited by law because they can damage our tissues and our DNA.

Sellers known by ANVS were informed that sales are prohibited and must stop immediately

The idea that 5G technology is bad for your health has gained strength, causing situations like this to happen all over the world. In Portugal, with the vaccination, there were many who "enjoyed" that, after the vaccination, they were already prepared for the 5G.

The fifth generation of mobile communications leverages a series of innovative services. Virtual and augmented reality, remotely driven or autonomous cars, remote surgeries, are some of the examples that could be based on a communications network based on 5G. Communications latency will drop to 5ms, opening doors to a new world of possibilities and scenarios.