a first case of the new variant identified in South Africa was detected in Belgium

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17h26 : Was she hospitalized and in intensive care following her contamination?

17h23 : Here is more information on the case of Belgian contamination with the new variant identified in South Africa. This is a woman who was staying in Egypt and who returned by plane to Belgium via Turkey. She has developed “flu-like symptoms” eleven days after his arrival but has not had any high risk contact. She was not vaccinated and had not had a documented Covid-19 infection before, France Télévisions learned.

17h18 : “We’ll have to do the police a bit”, estimate the traders of the Christmas market of Strasbourg, where the precautionary measures will be very strict. On the program: compulsory mask, hydro-alcoholic gel before touching the objects on the stands and sanitary pass for meals. (MAXPPP)

15h21 : The morning of franceinfo answered questions from listeners, viewers and Internet users on new government announcements in the face of the fifth wave of Covid-19. Do not hesitate to take a look, if you have any questions.

14h58 : Hello @Kat, Olivier Véran assured that France is realizing “thousands of sequencing per week” to find out the prevalence of variants among contamination cases. Some 400,000 tests are currently performed every day (not all of which are positive, fortunately!)

14h55 : Hello Mathilde. I retry my question 😉 What is the proportion of positive tests that are analyzed in France to identify the variant responsible for the positivity? Thank you

14h43 : “This is someone who came from abroad. Who tested positive on November 22. Who was not vaccinated.”, said the Belgian Minister of Health, during a press conference.

14h43 : A first case of the B.1.1.529 variant of Covid-19 has been detected in Belgium, announces the Belgian Minister of Health. It is the first European country to report a case of contamination with the new variant.

14h57 : Hello @Syriaberry. Known for now B.1.1.529, this variant with multiple mutations is potentially very contagious, scientists in South Africa announced yesterday. However, the latter do not yet know how effective the existing vaccines against this variant will be. WHO estimates that it will take a few more weeks to understand its level of transmissibility and virulence.

14h37 : Hello Mathilde, can you tell us more about this new South African variant? Thank you in advance, good live

14h35 : “We will be very vigilant in the days” in order to verify whether the new variant B.1.1.529 detected by South African scientists is circulating on French territory, promises the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, traveling to La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine).

13h42 : Hello @Caroline, every 6th grade student should receivea box of 10 self-tests valid for five weeks “, said Jean-Michel Blanquer this morning on France inter.

13h41 : Last year, self-tests were delivered to high schools but their packaging (in boxes of 10) had made it impossible to use at home … This time, have they planned an adapted packaging? Or is it still com?

13h40 : A doctor from Plan-de-la-Tour (Var) was taken into custody yesterday, suspected of having issued false certificates of vaccination against Covid-19, reports France Bleu Provence. Some of his patients were unaware that they had been vaccinated with a placebo. The financial loss amounts to several hundred thousand euros. More information here. Illustration of a vaccination against Covid-19 carried out by a doctor in a retirement home in Corrèze, in March 2021. (ST? PHANIE PARA / MAXPPP)(MAXPPP)

13h35 : The 6th grade students will have to carry out, from Monday, two self-tests per week, announced the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, on France inter. He justifies this measure by the fact that the children in these classes are under 12 years old and are not vaccinated. These tests will be distributed to them at the school. The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, November 10, 2021 (LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP)(LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP)

13h14 : Which countries, like France, have decided to close their borders without delay in the face of the new variant detected in South Africa? Answer in this article. Orly airport, near Paris, February 7, 2021 (MAGALI COHEN / HANS LUCAS / AFP)(MAGALI COHEN / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

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Our fact-checking on the efficacy of the vaccine, with regard to the fifth wave

12h05 : It is noon, here is a new point on the news:

• Matignon announces the suspension of arrivals from southern Africa, after the discovery of a new variant in South Africa, which could be particularly contagious. Follow our live.

• At least ten people were arrested after further violence last night in Martinique, according to the Minister of the Interior. A police officer was injured and four journalists were targeted by gunfire in Fort-de-France.

• The Foix public prosecutor’s office announces the opening of a judicial investigation against X for “destruction of a protected species”, six days later the death of a bear in Seix (Ariège).

• Gabriel Attal has judged Boris Johnson’s letter, which asks France to take back migrants who have arrived in the United Kingdom, “indigent in substance and totally out of place in form”.

11:55 a.m. : The Secretary of State for Rurality, Joël Giraud, has tested positive for Covid-19. He explains on Twitter that he is in isolation, “to continue the activity while protecting others”.

11h51 : Seven countries are affected by this measure: South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini.

11:47 : “We are in an absolute, necessary and justified precautionary principle.”

11:47 : “For French nationals who returned from southern Africa in the past two weeks, we ask them to contact health authorities without delay to receive a PCR test and, depending on the results, be placed in isolation.”

11h45 : Matignon announces the suspension of arrivals from southern Africa, after the discovery of a new variant in South Africa, which could be particularly contagious. This measure will be valid “at least 48 hours”, the time to consult the other members of the European Union and to know more about the variant, specifies the Minister of Health.

11h44 : France is suspending arrivals from southern Africa, announces the executive.

10h08 : Unsurprisingly, the most risky places for contamination were poorly ventilated enclosed spaces: evenings to watch Euro football matches at home or in bars, nightclubs or, to a lesser extent, transport, which does not This was not the case with the previous variants, presumably because Delta is more transmissible.

10h09 : Ventilate and wear the mask indoors: these barrier gestures are more important than ever at a time when the Covid-19 epidemic is restarting, according to a study by the Institut Pasteur on the expansion of the Delta variant in France this summer .

09h52 : The variant B.1.1.529 has a number “extremely high” mutations and “we can see that it has a potential for very rapid spread”, according to South African health authorities. At this point, South African scientists are unsure of the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the new form of the virus.

09h47 : The European Commission is also proposing to suspend flights from the southern African region. This measure is to be discussed in a meeting with representatives of member states today. It will then be up to the Council to adopt such a recommendation.

09h41 : For its part, Germany will refuse entry into its territory to foreign travelers from South Africa and “probably from neighboring countries”. This rule will apply from tonight. Only German citizens will be allowed to re-enter, respecting a 14-day quarantine, even if they are vaccinated.

09h40 : Several countries are already strengthening their health measures after the discovery of this variant in South Africa. Italy bans entry to its territory to anyone who has stayed in southern Africa “in the last 14 days”, announces his Minister of Health, who explains this decision by “maximum precaution”. The countries affected by this measure are South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Eswatini, he said.

11h18 : The announcement of the discovery of a new variant of Covid-19, particularly contagious, plunges European stock markets at the opening. The CAC 40 fell 4.40% at 9:22 am, London 3.31% and Frankfurt 3.19%.

09h18 : The news this morning is very busy, but we still take the time to take stock of the titles:

• The European Commission proposes to suspend flights from the southern African region, after the discovery of a new variant of Covid-19 in South Africa.

Gabriel Attal judges the letter from Boris Johnson, which asks France to take back the migrants who have arrived in the United Kingdom, “indigent in substance and totally out of place in form”.

Booster dose open to all adults, new health protocol at school, mandatory indoor masks … The Ministers of Health and Education have made new announcements to fight against the resumption of the epidemic of Covid-19. Olivier Véran also announced the return of the mandatory test for traveling overseas.

Several women accuse Nicolas Hulot of sexual assault, in an issue of “Special Envoy” broadcast last night. The former Minister of the Ecological Transition, through his lawyers, firmly disputes the facts.