A relative of Renaud Muselier indicted for illegal taking of interest

An old investigation which resurfaces from Marseille’s judicial oblivion comes to embarrass Renaud Muselier, president (various right) of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur regional council. Almost ten years after the opening of an investigation on possible embezzlement within the HLM office of the city of Marseille “Habitat Marseille Provence” (HMP), Jean-Luc Ivaldi, a faithful of the elected, was indicted on October 8 for “illegal taking of interest”, learned The world.

Mr. Ivaldi, 54, had been appointed CEO of HMP in November 2008, after the unexpected defeat of Renaud Muselier at the head of the Marseille Provence Métropole urban community a few months earlier. Since December 2020, he has held the position of Managing Director of Canal de Provence. Since 1993, Mr. Ivaldi has been walking in the political footsteps of the elected official, of whom he was parliamentary attaché, chief of staff, deputy director of services for the PACA region. “Yes, one can totally consider me as close to Renaud Muselier and our links are those of a distant friendship”, he claimed before the examining magistrate.

“She was the cheapest”

He admitted to having given instructions so that 60% of the unpaid summary-evictions cases of HMP be entrusted to the Marseille lawyer Stéphanie Clément, at the time the wife of Renaud Muselier. Questioned on October 8, Mr. Ivaldi recalls that HMP was then an office in great financial difficulties and justifies its choice: on the few lawyers working on this dispute, « Me Clement was the cheapest. I don’t see why I couldn’t have chosen her, just because I know her. So I should have chosen a more expensive lawyer? “

This one, lawyer for years of the office, had been indicted for “concealment of favoritism” and “concealment of illegal taking of interest” on April 17, 2012. At the time, she declares “Work under [s]one maiden name to avoid confusion. I am very independent and I would not like to think that my clients come to see me because I have a husband called Muselier ”.

The court of appeal must examine on February 16 the validity of the indictment of Mr. Ivaldi. His lawyer, Me Fabien Perez, in fact requested its cancellation on the grounds that the facts likely to be reproached to the former director of HMP relate to a period ranging from 1is January 2010 until November 25, 2011 when the 60% instruction was given in 2009, a period that he now considers prescribed and not regularizable.

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