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Adamari Lopez Y Toni Costa formed a great relationship of more than 10 years, which was very loved by its thousands of fans in social networksSo it is not strange that many still want to see them together, even though they have been separated for a few months and a recent video on social networks has made that illusion grow more.

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Both fell away sentimentally, but their relationship as a family remained intact, taking into account that they do everything for their daughter Alaïa, who continues to grow and see her parents together and getting along very well even if they are not a couple as before. Clear example is what just happened in the Kings Day.

Adamari López, Toni Costa and their daughter sharing moments together as a happy family. (Photo: Adamari López / Instagram).

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The natural television host from Puerto Rico and the Spanish dancer decided to celebrate that day together as a family and with their little daughter. In addition, Adamari López took the opportunity to record a video, which he published on his Facebook account and went viral, causing a lot of tenderness among several users who are his followers.

In the audiovisual material shared by López, she is heard talking a little about Three Kings Day, a date celebrated in Mexico, where she lived for a long time, and also in Spain – Tomi Costa’s country -, so they would share a traditional meal .

As presented in the images, they proceeded to discover the rosca de reyes, one Mexican and the other Spanish, so Alaïa was able to learn a little more about the customs that both parents have on particular dates.

“Hello, hello, my beautiful people. The rosca de reyes is a tradition that brings back beautiful memories of my time in Mexico and Toni Costa also celebrates it, in fact in Spain it is a very important day. I am very excited that Alaïa enjoys these traditions as a family. We had a lot of fun looking for the king and the bean. Who will have found them? “Adamari wrote.

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The video that was shared on social networks excited many of his followers, who dream of seeing them together in a while because they always showed the best of the vibe when they had a relationship that lasted more than 10 years.

Through the comments of the publication of Facebook, Hundreds of users wrote that they look very good together, that they hope very soon that they can resume their relationship and that they can form a beautiful family, as it happened until a few months ago.

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The rosca de reyes is a dessert made from a sweet dough that originated in European countries, worse than it reached Mexico at the time of the conquest. Its meaning is related to the religious aspects of Christmas and Three Kings Day.

As we know, every January 6 is celebrated the day in which the three wise men come to visit the recently born son of God, guided by the well-known Star of Bethlehem.

Its round shape wants to convey God’s love for all his children, while the colors it presents represent the gifts that Melchor, Baltazar and Gaspar brought to Jesus.

It is worth noting that something in the shape of a baby Jesus is hidden inside the thread and it symbolizes when Joseph and Mary hide it from Herod, who had ordered to kill all the babies because he knew that the son of God had been born.

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