additional time for teenagers, full vaccination seven days after the second injection … What to remember from the interview with Olivier Véran

Several gray areas still loomed after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on Monday concerning the extension of the health pass this summer. Guest of the newspaper of France 2, Tuesday July 13, Olivier Véran specified the modalities. Franceinfo recaps you what to remember from the interview with the Minister of Health.

Adolescents exempt from the health pass until August 30

The indulgence, promised for adolescents, is therefore confirmed. Not to “spoil the holidays for families”, Olivier Véran announced that the health pass for adolescents between 12 and 17 years old will only apply to “as of August 30”.

Vaccination: employees of establishments open to the public have until August 30

Employees of establishments open to the public also have the right to more time to be vaccinated. “We [leur] let’s give a little extra time, until August 30 “, announced the minister. “They should therefore receive their first dose by August 1 at the latest.” If they are not fully vaccinated after August 30, they will be tested “every two days” if they want “continue to work”, warned Olivier Véran.

Full vaccination on August 30 for employees of establishments open to the public, announces Olivier Véran

The health pass obtained seven days after the second injection

Another announcement from the Minister of Health concerning the health pass: it will be possible to obtain it just seven days after the second injection, against 14 previously. “We can now recognize the protection of the vaccination one week after the second dose”, explained Olivier Véran.

However, travelers will have to be careful since this measure only concerns France for the moment. In most countries of the European Union, it is currently necessary to have received the second dose within 14 days to be considered fully immunized.

Health pass validated after seven days, announces Olivier Véran

Soon the end of wearing a mask for holders of the health pass?

The health pass should also ultimately make it possible to remove the constraint of the mask in closed places. A possibility that could take shape “gradually”, explains the Minister, without giving an exact date. “We have a recommendation from the High Council of Public Health and we are just going to check that the Delta variant has not fundamentally changed the situation”, clarified Olivier Véran.

According to him, the government has left for “lift the obligation to wear a mask in places where the health pass applies”.

Wearing a mask soon to be over? Response from Olivier Véran