Administrative investigation into Secretary of State Nathalie Elimas, accused of harassment in her office

Five sources revealed to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Saturday, January 15, that Nathalie Elimas, Secretary of State in charge of priority education, was the subject of an administrative investigation. She is accused of having harassed collaborators within her cabinet.

The Ministry of National Education “confirms that there is indeed an administrative investigation” In progress “on the human resources functioning of the cabinet of Mme Elimas ». “There is no fixed date, at this stage, for the submission of the report”, said the ministry, even if four of the five sources have, for their part, meant that most of the hearings were done and the delivery of the report, imminent.

According to corroborating sources, all members of the cabinet, including Elimas, were heard. Several of them told AFP that the Secretary of State was accused of acts of ” bullying “ but also of “abuse” towards employees. All preferred to remain anonymous. Half a dozen people would be victims, according to two people who have worked since July 2020 in the office of this human resources specialist.

“General harassment”

One of these two sources mentions “many sick leaves” and “employee departures”. Another person who worked at the firm mentions a problem of harassment “generalized”. A third person talks about his ” descent into hell “, emphasizing the many “tantrums”, on the part of the one who was a deputy for Val-d’Oise until her arrival in government, targeting her collaborators, especially during meetings.

At least three sources have also pointed out that the employment within the cabinet of a very close to Mme Elimas, described by one of these sources as “untouchable”, would be one of the aspects of this administrative investigation. The firm did not comment.

Asked by AFP on Saturday, the 48-year-old secretary of state, who entered the government in July 2020, did not wish to comment, referring to those around her. “The Ministry has asked the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research to carry out an internal inspection within the cabinet of the Secretary of State, in order to shed light on possible difficulties related to relations of work in the office », confirmed the office of the Secretary of State.

“This inspection began at the beginning of January and the conclusions must be made in the coming weeks., said this source to AFP. If malfunctions were to be brought to light by this report, it is obvious that all necessary measures would be taken to remedy them. »

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