after an exceptional softness, the return of the rain and the cold

The sun and the exceptional mildness recorded this week will give way to more gloomy weather starting Tuesday. With falling temperatures

After the exceptional mildness observed between Christmas and New Year’s Day – it was up to 22.2 ° C in Biarritz on December 29 and up to 20 ° C in Marseille on Thursday, the mildest day observed in France a December 30 – the weather will get gloomy next week.

The whole of the territory will indeed face a deterioration and the cold will make a big comeback: according to “The Weather Channel”, between Monday and Wednesday, temperatures will drop by 10 ° C in France.

If Monday will still remain fairly mild, a disturbance will cross France from north to south from Tuesday with rain and winds, which could be quite strong locally. There may also be some snowfall in the mountains, from Tuesday evening. The days of Wednesday and Thursday should, for their part, be calmer and sunny, but the sudden cooling should lead to morning frosts on Thursday, with, in particular, down to -7 ° C expected in Gap, in the Hautes- Alps.

In the southwest, rain before the cold

In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, according to Météo France forecasts, it will be necessary to remember to bring out the umbrellas for the start of the school year because the week will start in the rain for all the departments located north of the Garonne. But temperatures will still remain mild on Monday with between 7 and 13 ° C in the morning and up to 17 ° C in the afternoon, in Pau.

Tuesday afternoon, the entire region should be watered with, this time, temperatures not exceeding 12 ° C. In particular, it will be 10 ° C in Périgueux and Agen, and 11 ° C in La Rochelle and Mont-de-Marsan.

But it is from Wednesday that, despite the return of sunny weather, the thermometer will drop sharply to finally reach its lowest on Thursday morning: it will thus be -2 ° C in Tulle, 0 ° C in Agen and Mont -de-Marsan and 1 ° C in Bordeaux. That is, some 15 ° C less than this Sunday, January 2, afternoon in the Gironde capital, where 16 ° C was recorded.

Temperatures will drop this Thursday morning

Meteo France