After days missing from ‘Hoy Día’, Adamari López breaks the silence to make a worrying announcement

After several hours absent from social networks, Adamari López reappeared through her Instagram stories to clarify to her almost seven million followers the reason why she had been missing.

It turns out that the driver of “TodayThis week he began to feel unwell, so he immediately underwent several COVID-19 tests to find out if he had been infected and indeed, the results showed that he tested positive for the coronavirus. This was announced by her on Instagram, reporting that she will remain in quarantine until she recovers.

Hello, hello my beautiful people. I know many have wondered why I haven’t been on the show for a few days, I felt a little sick, I thought I had a pretty bad cold, but I took the COVID-19 tests and the result came out positive”, he said in the audiovisual.

He also added that until the results are negative, he will return to Telemundo’s morning show.

I’m going to be taking care of myself and stay away for a few more days until I understand that my result is negative and that I’m fine.”, he expressed.

In addition, she thanked all her followers for their affection, as well as having been attentive to her during these days of absence in “Hoy Día”.

I thank you very much for your love, your support, your solidarity and I hope to continue counting on your prayers and good wishes.”, he stated.

Back to the exercise routine

After the December dates, Adamari López told a few days ago through a video posted on Facebook that she had resumed her exercise routine so as not to fall into the old habits that generated a few extra pounds.

It is a matter of proposing it, I do not want to lose what I have achieved and I know that if I start to be sedentary, then I will probably return to the same habits that I had before and that is something that I will not allow”, he expressed in the video.

He added that despite already being at his ideal weight, he will keep working on his mind to maintain the weight achieved after his hard effort.

I will work hard with my mind and with my spirit to be able to achieve it. I already reached the weight I wanted”, he commented.