‘After the journey in the Federation, my relationship with football will have ended’


The president of the Portuguese Football Federation has ruled out, on the “Primeira Pessoa” (RTP) program, running for the presidency of FC Porto or even of UEFA and assumed that he aims to see Portugal win a World Cup

Dream of winning the World Championship: “The dream commands life. If we don’t dream that we are capable [de vencer o Mundial], we are not doing anything here. We clearly have the dream of one day becoming world champions.”

Stability in the Portuguese Football Federation: “There is great stability in the Federation’s technical staff. In the area of ​​men’s and women’s training, practically the same teams have been maintained over these years. Not everything is good when we win, not everything is bad when we lose. conditions of stability to develop the work.”

Possible candidacy for president of FC Porto: “In everything in life, there is a time for things to happen. After this journey in the Portuguese Football Federation, having contributed so systematically to the advancement of football as an activity, I think the time of my relationship with football will be over [após sair da FPF].”

About possible candidacy for UEFA top manager: “O [Aleksander] Ceferin asked me, because he had heard rumors, if I would be a candidate for the UEFA presidency, but I told him that those rumors were meaningless. What I can tell you is that you have my vote if you are a candidate. As a member of the executive committee, I took a decision in favor of safeguarding the interests of the Federation and the country.”

Exit from FC Porto: “Pinto da Costa knows the reasons for my departure. We have moments when we can go away, but we have to be smart enough to respect others in different roles. It is well known that I was appointed president of the League without FC Porto’s support. There was even a movement not to be elected. As president, I would have to respect all clubs in the same way, regardless of whether they supported me in the election. In the same way as when I was elected to the FPF. my candidacy. Then, the associations expressed satisfaction in seeing that I was fulfilling my electoral promise.”