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The FC Porto coach spoke, this Friday, about Mehdi Taremi and his expulsion against Paços de Ferreira, defending his player and criticizing the wrong judgment (in his opinion) of Manuel Mota and the VAR in that game. A position that has already had consequences.

First of all, these were the words of the FC Porto coach:

However, Luciano Gonçalves, president of APAF (Portuguese Association of Football Referees), has already taken a stand against the FC Porto coach’s stance, suggesting that there be an appreciation by the FPF Disciplinary Board.

“There are speeches that do not improve football’s credibility at all and we understand that this is part of that group of unnecessary comments. Unfortunately, it is normal to start with this type of behavior or innuendo. We can’t do anything, it’s the Disciplinary Board who can and I hope it does. He is playing his role and we are going to play ours», he stressed, to Renaissance.

Shortly after, the National Association of Football Coaches (ANTF) issued a note rejecting this intention, considering that the coach only made use of his freedom of expression “within what is socially acceptable”.

«Having learned, through the media, of the intention of the Portuguese Association of Football Referees to file a complaint with the Disciplinary Council of the Portuguese Football Federation against coach Sérgio Conceição, it is this National Association of Football Coaches (ANTF) of the understanding that , in addition to the objective assessment of the (in)competence of any sports agent, whatever it may be, to fall within the right to an opinion, within, of course, what is socially acceptable, in this case there is no reason to institute any procedure disciplinary action against the coach concerned. Furthermore, football coaches are often the target of the famous ‘whipping’, based on results and everything subjective that may exist, and not on their competence, contrary to what happens in other sectors of society! In this sense, this ANTF reserves the right, after becoming aware of the concrete content of the aforementioned participation by APAF, on the latter to take a further public position in the defense of its member», registered the entity.

Mahdi Taremi

Champions League: FC Porto x AC Milan
Champions League: FC Porto x AC Milan