Amateur Detective Team Says Discovered Zodiac Killer Identity – Observer

After an American software programmer, a Belgian computer programmer and an Australian mathematician deciphered, in December 2020, one of the coded letters of the famous Zodiac Killer, behold, another team of amateurs announces that they have discovered the identity of the man who terrorized the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s.

According to the Case Breakers, a team of 40 amateur investigators led by retired FBI agents, the Zodiac Killer, who were blamed for at least five homicides between December 1968 and September 1969, was Gary Francis Poste, an Air Force veteran, house painter for four decades, who died in 2018.

To substantiate the theory, the Case Breakers drew attention to the similarities between the scars Poste had on his forehead and the robot portraits of the killer taken at the time, and claimed to have “tons of other evidence”, including a footprint left in a scene from crime, which corresponds to a military boot of the same size found among Poste’s belongings, and witness statements made in court pointing to the suspect.

One of Gary Francis Poste’s photographs released by Case Breakers

In addition, amateur detectives claimed to have uncovered evidence that the Zodiac Killer was responsible for at least one more death — to newspapers and authorities, with whom he communicated via encrypted messages, the killer always guaranteed to have murdered. people.


According to the Case Breakers, Cheri Jo Bates, a freshman at the University of Riverside, California, who was murdered the day before Halloween in 1966, was also a victim of the Zodiac Killer. The evidence: Poste received assistance, after an incident caused by a gun, in a hospital just 15 minutes from the campus where Cheri Jo was killed; and at the crime scene an inky watch was found, which the authorities always thought had been left by the murderer.

Contacted by CNN, the San Francisco Police Department declined to comment on the findings now made public by the group: “We cannot talk about potential suspects as the investigation is still ongoing.” The FBI, which has assisted the investigation for the past 53 years, has also remained silent, but the Riverside Police Department has assured that, despite having no way of knowing whether or not Poste was the famous killer, Cheri’s murderer. Jo Bates was not the Zodiac.

Both CNN and Fox News attempted to contact Poste’s family, without success. To Fox News, a former neighbor of the man told how, in the 1970s and 1980s, as a child and teenager, she was repeatedly placed in his and his wife’s care and recalled how Poste taught her how to shoot firearms. “He lived a double life,” said the woman, who also revealed that her former neighbor had abusive behavior toward her. “As an adult, looking back, it all makes sense now. When I was a teenager I wasn’t able to put two and two together, now I’ve hit it. Gary is the Zodiac!”