Amorim on the purchase of Sarabia: «There is a clear idea and I know the president will not go beyond that» – Sporting

Pablo Sarabia is having a good time at Sporting, but showings from the Spanish forward on loan from Paris Saint-Germain until the end of this season may not be enough to continue with the lions shirt on his chest. Speaking at the press conference previewing the duel with Gil Vicente, Rúben Amorim was asked about the possibility of asking president Frederico Varandas to buy the Spanish international’s pass, to which the lions coach pointed to the club’s salary ceiling, remembering the case of João Mário, currently at the service of rival Benfica, at the beginning of the season.


“He is our player until the end of the year, we are all happy, but there is an idea of ​​the club and a salary cap. There is a clear idea and I know that they are [Frederico Varandas e Hugo Viana] will not go beyond that. Whatever happens, I know the president has a plan. There was a case here at the beginning of the period that was famous, but no matter how much desire there is, it will not pass these levels. For now, he’s our player. Nuno Santos also has six goals and two assists. The general idea is not going to change much. Whether you like the players or not, the path that Sporting is following is very clear.”

Ownership of Gonçalo Esteves confirmed

“He’s going to play, he’s going to start, I don’t think there’s any problem to say. Okay, he’s 17, he’s very willing and he has many players who help. It’s no risk. When he fails, the central defender will be there for the side. right to help, we hope. He has talent and can be fundamental for us. He will play and start tomorrow.”

Paulinho’s absence and distance training

“The first step is to understand whether or not you have symptoms. Not having, you don’t lose conditions in a few days. The bond they have between everyone helps a lot. He’s a player who’s worked with me for a long time. He knows his teammates with his eyes closed, the routines happen in that aspect. He’s a very mature player and has a good time at Sporting. If he’s like Coates, if I have to help the team, they’re very supportive, but the performance office, I don’t even ask myself, I just have to ask if they’re okay, if they say they’re not going to the game, they don’t lose shape just for that,” he finished.