Android: Need the COVID Digital Certificate always at hand? See how to do

Today, in order to access a number of places, it is necessary to present the EU COVID Digital Vaccination Certificate. On your smartphone, it is very simple to access the SNS 24 app, authenticate and access one of the available certificates, including the vaccination certificate. However, with the rush of everyday life, we don’t even remember having prepared it to present when requested.

So that you always have this certificate at hand, today we leave a little tip for Android users.

The EU COVID Digital Certificate is a digital document that constitutes proof that a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result, or recovered from COVID-19.

Thus, there are three types of certificates: vaccination, recovery and testing. The three certificates can be obtained and used independently, subject to the stipulated conditions of issue and use.

Under what circumstances is the EU COVID Digital Certificate required?

Currently, knowing that rules can change with each new review by health authorities and government, as well as from country to country, the EU COVID Digital Certificate can be used to facilitate safe and free movement within the European Union during the pandemic. of COVID-19, and may waive testing for SARS-CoV-2 infection or compliance with quarantine/self-isolation for travel reasons.

Android: Need the COVID Digital Certificate always at hand? See how to do

In the specific case of Portugal, the vaccination certificate can be used in the following situations:

  • cultural shows
  • restaurants
  • events with marked places
  • gyms
  • tourist establishments and local accommodation

The other certificates will have specific applicability, such as accessing homes or health units, bars and clubs, among others.

How to get the vaccination certificate?

You can obtain your vaccination certificate through the SNS 24 portal, in the personal area of ​​the SNS 24 portal or through the SNS 24 mobile application (available on Android, IOS and EMUI).

In particular cases, you can use the Citizen Spaces, parish councils or SNS24 counters.

In this article we are focused on obtaining the certificate through the app, but having the PDF accessible through your smartphone, you can easily replicate this guide.

Create a shortcut to access the Vaccination Certificate

After accessing the desired Certificate through the app, you must click on the Google Drive symbol. Then just adjust the name of the document and tap on "Save".

Then you should access Google Drive and open the PDF document options menu (which should appear right at the top of the files). One of the last options in that menu is "Add to screen". Once the option is chosen, a shortcut will appear on the smartphone screens, just place it where it is most convenient to open whenever you are asked.

This way you won't have to be dependent on the app's service or mobile data, just click on the icon that gives you access to the PDF document.