Anne Hidalgo “hears the refusal” of Yannick Jadot and notes the current failure of her idea of ​​primary on the left

A month after her proposal to carry out a primary on the left in view of the presidential election, the socialist candidate takes stock. Anne Hidalgo noted, Saturday, January 8, the failure – ” for the moment ” – of his approach, pointing in particular to the ecologist Yannick Jadot. The latter keeps repeating that he will not participate in a primary.

“This proposal has not yet been the subject of an agreement, or in any case a volley to move forward together”, lamented the mayor of Paris from Jarnac, where she gathered in front of the grave of former President François Mitterrand (1981-1995).

“I heard the words of Yannick Jadot, and I said it, a primary only makes sense if it serves to have a common candidate, a single candidate and not to add candidates. Obviously, if in this primary the Greens around Yannick Jadot are not present, it is no longer called a primary, in any case it is not this primary that would make it possible to have this unique candidate. I repeat: as long as it is possible to organize it, it must be organized, but I hear the refusal – and I regret it – that Yannick Jadot endorses. “

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A crumbled left

Three months before the presidential election, and outside the far left, the left remains fragmented between five candidates – Anne Hidalgo, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Yannick Jadot, Fabien Roussel and Arnaud Montebourg – to which must be added that possible of the former guard of the seals Christiane Taubira, who « envisage » to run in mid-January and also pleads for a primary. The idea is rejected by Yannick Jadot but also by the candidate of La France insoumise, Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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The citizen collective of the Popular Primary organizes, from January 27 to 30, a “popular investiture”, which will take place with or without the consent of the candidates, with the support of hundreds of thousands of registered (currently more than 300,000).

“Each time, my political family has been able to unite. It is my responsibility to try to assemble it, of course not just any old way, not just anything ”, pleaded Mme Hidalgo on Saturday, adding that “In a context in which our country is suffering the full brunt of this extremely harmful depoliticization for democracy, I proposed that this gathering could take place through a clear, transparent process, in front of our fellow citizens: that of a primary by calling on the different candidates, at least those who want to govern together, to come together and accept the verdict of an election before the election ”.

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