Anne Hidalgo presents her project for the European Union and wants to “make people and the planet” her “new priorities”

“Carbon correction” at borders, right of legislative initiative for the European Parliament, “European Health Union”, “Common strategic doctrine” : Anne Hidalgo, candidate for the 2022 presidential election, presented Thursday, December 16 her project for ” live better “ in the European Union (EU), in a text published on the journal’s website The Great Continent, When “A bad wind is blowing on the European debate”, according to her.

Convinced of the European project, drawing inspiration from the social democratic forces of the various countries of the continent, the mayor of Paris pleads in favor of increased cooperation between the 27 Member States of the EU. “Our only real tool is the strengthening and autonomy of the European Union”, she says. The candidate of the Socialist Party (PS) thus wishes “Make people and the planet the new political priorities of European construction”.

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Increase the prerogatives of the European Parliament

The European project outlined by Mme Hidalgo advocates in particular the “ defense of human dignity ”, the establishment “A consistent minimum income and wages” in each member country, the ” fight against poverty “, the defense of “Women’s rights and [du] right to abortion ” and the “Even more proactive implementation of the Green Deal [européen] » .

The Parisian councilor also proposes to strengthen the prerogatives of the European Parliament so that the latter “Shares the initiative for laws and can amend the multi-year budget” and “Have the last word in the adoption of the law by being able to override the opposition of the Council, on the condition of obtaining a qualified majority of two thirds”.

According to her, European law is “At the root of the building of the Union”. “To reverse the legal order would be tantamount to wanting to leave the Union”, argues Anne Hidalgo, while several right-wing candidates, during the race for the nomination of the Republicans (LR) party – including the former European commissioner and Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier -, but also extreme candidates right, have questioned in recent weeks the primacy of European law over national law. “There is no place for illiberal democracy in Europe”, insists the socialist candidate.

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Provide a “more demanding” response to the climate emergency

On ecology, Mme Hidalgo calls for “Implement a real carbon correction” at the borders of the European Union and urges the 27 Member States to provide a response “More demanding” to the climate emergency. According to her, this requires the establishment of“Precise objectives and a timetable per country”, just like by a “Revision” existing policies, including the common agricultural policy (CAP).

The socialist candidate also wants “Reform the energy market” and “Tax the super-profits of energy groups” for “Finance support for renewable energies and the purchasing power of the middle and working classes”.

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In her project outline, Anne Hidalgo also welcomes the“Collapse of liberal dogmas” and of “The suspension of the stability pact” within the EU, due to the Covid-19 crisis. Corn “This turning point should not be a parenthesis”, she warns.

She finally wishes “Rapid, massive, coordinated public and private investment” for “Go towards an industrial reconquest” in particular to better “To face” health, digital and ecological challenges.

Concerning European defense, a theme often put forward by President Emmanuel Macron, who will take the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union for six months at the beginning of January 2022, Anne Hidalgo proposes a European conference on the security of Europe in order to define “A common strategic doctrine” between the 27 member countries.

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