Anne Hidalgo reacts to the declaration of candidacy of Christiane Taubira

If the union was a time evoked between the two political women, the confrontation will finally take place between them. While Christiane Taubira formalized her candidacy for the 2022 presidential election on Saturday from Lyon, ending a month-long false suspense, Anne Hidalgo believes that this late and additional candidacy further divides the left. “Rather than unite, the candidacy of Christiane Taubira will further separate, divide and create confusion”, argues the contender for the Elysee Palace of the Socialist Party (PS) in an interview given to the JDD, Sunday, January 16.

“I have a lot of respect for her. But why is she a candidate, she who in December said she did not want to be another candidate? Providential men and women, I don’t believe in them! » continues the mayor of Paris. She also returns to the initiative of the Popular Primary, repeating that she would not comply with the citizen designation process, to which only Christiane Taubira, among the major candidates, agreed to submit.

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“No candidate will withdraw, me no more than the others”

In mid-December, Anne Hidalgo had however called for union behind a single candidacy on the left by way of a common primary and had approached the collective at the origin of this citizen consultation. But since Messrs. Jadot, Mélenchon and Roussel have all rejected the idea of ​​a primary, Anne Hidalgo has indicated that she will maintain her candidacy ” until the end “. She presented her presidential program on Thursday.

Returning to her about-face, the mayor of the capital justifies herself by placing the responsibility on her environmental opponent: “I tried to unite rather than create confusion. I proposed a primary arbitrated by a vote, after debates, for a common candidacy; Yannick Jadot refused it. So there will be no primary. » She repeats having been ” ready to [s]endanger me” in a primary if the latter had agreed to participate, even if it means ” to lose ” in front of him, but believes that“He closed the door. It is not responsible”.

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The collective of the Popular Primary just formalized, on Saturday, the final list of the seven names which will be submitted to the vote of left-wing sympathizers from January 27 to 30. Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jadot, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Christiane Taubira are part of it, but only the latter has indicated that in the event of failure in the ballot she would line up behind the winner.

For meme Hidalgo, the citizens’ initiative has nothing “popular” but is rather a simple « consultation ». “Citizens will rate all the candidates, whether or not they agree with this process. And after ? No candidate will withdraw because they have been misclassified! Me no more than the others, she retorts. While Christiane Taubira could emerge as the winner of the vote, Anne Hidalgo continues: “If this process results in an additional candidacy, that was neither the goal of the game nor the need of the left. »

Sunday noon, invited on the set of BFM-TV, the socialist spoke again about this candidacy. According to her, Christiane Taubira “comes so late [que] few people understand. She concludes: “As I said yesterday, now it’s project against project. »

Yannick Jadot, meanwhile, reacted briefly, giving voters an appointment on April 10 for the first round. “My conviction is that today I want to wage war for the climate, not war with the old left,” he swept in the program “Le Grand Jury”, of RTL-Le Figaro-LCI.

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