António Costa wants 5G network at the same speed across the country

5G is not yet a reality in Portugal and it is not clear when it will be. The auction for the allocation of frequencies is still going on, having already passed for more than 160 days.

Today, the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, said the Interior should use bazooka to avoid the country “at two speeds”. 5G must be a priority.

António Costa said today that low density regions should apply community funds to attract companies, giving as an example the installation of 5G networks so as not to have a country “at two speeds”.

The prime minister addressed the installation of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks, recalling that "obviously the market will want to start installing networks in high density areas where customers pay for the investment".

But we cannot have a two-speed country here. If the market solves the problem in high-density areas, we must have the necessary community funds to provide inland regions and low-density territories with the same conditions, to create opportunities for companies to set up in the same conditions. connectivity that they would have if they installed on the coast.

António Costa wants 5G network at the same speed across the country

The fifth generation of mobile communications will leverage a range of innovative services. Virtual and augmented reality, remotely driven or autonomous cars, remote surgeries, are some of the examples that may be based on a communications network based on 5G. Communications latency will drop to 5ms, opening doors to a new world of possibilities and scenarios.

For António Costa, it is also necessary to invest “in the decarbonization of the industry and in creating new sources of energy production, so that no company says that it does not settle in the interior due to lack of energy, but that it can have good quality energy, that help us also to fight climate change”.

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