Ary Abittan accused of rape: what do we know about the case?

ARY ABITTAN. Actor Ary Abittan was indicted for rape on November 2, 2021. The facts allegedly took place at his Paris home on Saturday. The columnists of Touche not at my post have revealed new elements of the case.

The essential

  • Ary Abittan indicted for rape. After almost 48 hours in police custody, the comedian and actor was indicted and placed under judicial supervision on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. A rape complaint was filed against him on October 30, 2021, for facts that allegedly took place the same day at Ary Abittan’s Parisian home. However, an indictment does not mean he is convicted. It simply indicates that there are “serious or corroborating evidence” against him that justifies the opening of a judicial inquiry.
  • What do we blame Ary Abittan for? The 47-year-old actor is accused of rape by a woman with whom he is said to have a regular relationship. His accuser would blame him for a “degrading and unwilling” sexual relationship. According to Le Parisien, incriminating material elements were presented to Ary Abittan, who denied the facts. The columnists of Touche not at my post have revealed new elements of the investigation every evening since the start of the affair. According to their information, which has not been publicly communicated to other media or transmitted by AFP, the police have found “bloody sheets” at the comedian’s home. According to columnist Guillaume Genton, who claims to have been in contact with the plaintiff’s lawyer, there would have been “violence perpetrated […] The lawyer speaks of unprecedented violence and injuries were reportedly noted by the Medico-Judicial Unit. “For the time being, only the broadcast of Cyril Hanouna relays this information. For his part, Ary Abittan did not speak. not publicly expressed.
  • Who is the woman who accuses Ary Abittan? The complainant who accuses Ary Abittan of rape is said to be a 23-year-old Parisian student with whom the actor had a regular relationship. However, contrary to what had been indicated at first, it would not be the actor’s official companion. According to a source close to the investigation, who would have confided in Point, the young woman would be “someone simple who a priori does not attend show biz”. On the set of TPMP, Wednesday, November 3 in the evening, the columnist Guillaume Genton, who claims to have spoken to the plaintiff’s lawyer on the phone, argues that the young woman “says she is traumatized physically and morally by the facts”.

And immediately

12:33 – Ary Abbitan denies the charges against him

Accused of rape, Ary Abittan would have denied the facts with which he is accused before the judicial police of the capital, according to Le Parisien. For his part, Le Point affirms that the actor and comedian, who is due to perform on stage in December for his new one man show, did not know, before his custody, the facts with which he was accused. He would have “fallen from the clouds” when he was informed of the complaint against him, reports the media.

11:56 – “An incriminating material element” Ary Abittan

Heard by the Parisian judicial police of the 1st district since Sunday, the 47-year-old actor would have denied the facts with which he is accused, namely a degrading sexual practice and not consented. But Le Parisien tells us that the actor was “apparently confronted with an incriminating material element.”

11:16 – TPMP evokes “a case of violence”

On the Touche plateau not at my post, this Wednesday, November 3, the columnist Guillaume Genton affirms to have spoken with the lawyer of the plaintiff on the telephone: “The first information is that this affair would not be only a matter of rape. It would also be a case of violence, “he explained at first, Guillaume Genton. And the chronicler continues, always citing the lawyer: the young woman “says she is traumatized physically and morally by the facts”. Student, she would not have returned to class since and would be “recluse”, still according to the words of the columnist of C8.

10:54 – Who is the woman who accuses Ary Abittan of rape?

Ary Abittan was indicted for rape on November 2, 2021 following a complaint filed by a woman he was dating. The alleged victim would not, however, be his official companion, as has been mentioned before in several media. According to a legal source who spoke to Le Point, it would be a 23-year-old Parisian, who is not affiliated with the world of show business. On November 3, 2021, TPMP evokes for its part a 21-year-old student. For the time being, neither the latter, nor Ary Abittan, have spoken publicly.

10:26 – “Bloody sheets” found at his home?

On November 2, 2021, the deputy director of Public, Myriam Palomba, affirmed in Touche pas à mon poste that she has new details of the investigation into the rape accusations affecting Ary Abittan. According to information from the latter, which has not yet been confirmed by a judicial source in other media subsequently, a search would have taken place at the actor’s home, revealing “incriminating material facts”: ” Bloody sheets were found there. This is what would have caused his custody of 48 hours. “

09:56 – What facts does the complainant hold against her?

Ary Abittan is the subject of a complaint for rape, filed this Saturday, October 30, 2021. The facts go back to this very day, and would have occurred at the Parisian home of the actor. His accuser is said to be a woman with whom he had regular intimate relations, but who was not his official companion. The latter would have described facts relating to a degrading sexual practice and not consented. According to Le Parisien, the actor denied the facts, but a material element would incriminate him. According to TPMP, it would be “bloody sheets”, but no confirmation has been provided by other media or by any judicial source on this subject.

09:38 – Ary Abittan has not yet publicly reacted

Indicted on November 2, 2021 following nearly 48 hours in police custody, Ary Abittan has not yet publicly explained the charges against him. The comedian and actor remained silent on his social networks, while neither his lawyer nor his manager responded to requests from various media on Tuesday afternoon, upon the announcement of his indictment. According to information from TPMP unveiled on the set of C8 on November 3, the actor would think about “a communication strategy to consider the after”, recluse in a hotel.

09:15 – What do we know about the indictment of Ary Abittan for rape?

Ary Abittan was indicted for rape on Tuesday, November 2, 2021. The French actor, known for his role in “What we did to the Good Lord” and its sequel, was also placed under control judicial after being presented to the examining magistrate, after 48 hours of police custody.

Born January 31, 1974 in Paris, Ary Abittan comes from a Jewish family in North Africa. He financed his first theater lessons by doing taxi races, and began to perform his sketches on stage in 1994. In 1998, he performed at the Splendid, the Lucernaire and the Treviso theater, and became known to the general public by providing the first parts of Enrico Macias, Gad Elmaleh and Elie Semoun. Ary Abittan takes his first steps on television in the series “Our years pension” (broadcast between 2007 and 2010), in which he landed the lead role. In the cinema, we find him in “Can you keep a secret?” by Alexandre Arcady (2008), “La Traque” (2008) and “So close” (2008). Gad Elmaleh gives him a small role in his comedy “Coco” (2009).

In 2010, Ary Abittan was featured in “La Fête des Neighbors”. In 2009, he played his show “A la folie” at the Palais des Glaces and at the Paris comedy, before going on tour. In 2010, he starred in “Depression and friends” and lent his voice in the documentary “Chimpanzés” (2012), Ary Abittan found in 2013 Michaël Youn in “Vive la France”, turned in “Hotel Normandy” by Charles Nemes and in “The Great Loop” by Laurent Tuel. He participated for the first time in the Marrakech Festival of Laughter in 2012.

After the success of “What we did to the Good God” (2014) and its sequel “What we did again to the Good God” (2019), Ary Abittan appears in the telefilm “The family spirit” (2014) but also in the comic film “The Visitors 3” (2016) then “With open arms” (2017). In parallel with his film projects, Ary Abittan continues his comic shows: he performs on stage for “My Story” (2017) where he confides in his private life.

If Ary Abittan has played in several comedies and several comedy shows, it is since 2014 that he has been known to the general public. He is part of the cast of the comedy “What we did to the Good God”, alongside Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby. This feature film which denounces racism, anti-Semitism and the issue of mixed marriages in France, is a real success: it has a total of 12.3 million admissions. In 2019, Ary Abittan naturally joined the cast of his sequel, “What we still did to the Good Lord”, still in his role of David Maurice Isaac Benichou. A third part, entitled “What have we all done to the Good Lord?”, Is expected for the year 2022.

Ary Abitatn is an actor but also a comedian, specializing in comedy. He began to play his sketches on stage in 1994, performing in several Parisian venues such as the Splendid or the Théâtre Trévise. Before embarking on the one-man show, he played in the play “Happy Hanoukah” in 2007. It was from September 1, 2009 that he played his first show, entitled “A la folie”. He then became successful on stage with “My Story”, very inspired by his personal life. True success, he plays this text alone on stage from 2017 to the end of 2019. In December 2021, he must perform his last comedy show, entitled “For real”.

Ary Abittan has revealed all his private life in his show, “My Story”, which he plays from 2017 to 2019. We learn that he was married for 24 years with Sylvie Jorno, his childhood sweetheart who became his ex- wife. Their love story, however, ended in a divorce, also told in his one man show. From this union, three daughters were born: Léna, Romy and Betty. Since then, the actor has been more discreet about his private life. According to Closer, Ary Abittan would be in a relationship with a certain Sarah-Line Attlan, an entrepreneur with whom he would have shown himself in 2020 in Ramatuelle.

Ary Abittan is a French comedian and actor who has never hidden his origins. Born January 31, 1974 in Paris, he comes from a Jewish family. As he was able to reveal, he has Moroccan origins through his father, and Tunisian through his mother.