ASSE, OM – Mercato: the Greens ready to relaunch Mandanda?

Zapping But! Football Club AS Saint-Etienne: The question of the day

According to Le Quotidien du Sport, Pascal Dupraz would like to recruit three players in January, a defensive midfielder, a central defender and a goalkeeper. For this last post, Steve Mandanda (36 years old) would have been probed, knowing that the legend of OM lives very badly his status of replacement since the end of August and the explosion of the Spaniard Pau Lopez. This information raises big questions because the Fenomeno has an untouchable salary for Stéphanois in the red financially, that ASSE and OM have been rivals for half a century and that the goalkeeper is hard to see freelance. at the red lantern, at the risk of marring its course.

But beyond these considerations, it is a fact that Pascal Dupraz is looking for a new goalkeeper. Because Etienne Green is injured for five weeks, because his replacement, Stefan Bajic, has still not won a game with the pros and made mistakes during his first starts, and because more generally, the new coach wants very experienced recruits to carry out the maintenance operation. At a press conference, Jean-François Soucasse and Loïc Perrin confirmed that they wanted to recruit replacement players from the big clubs on loan. With Mandanda, here we are. The Greens could take over part of the goalkeeper’s salary, which would suit OM, whose payroll is supervised by the DNCG and which could thus recruit in January.

Finally, taking information does not mean that there will be a transfer. Mandanda can refuse, OM too, ASSE can backtrack. But in any case, a loan from Fenomeno in Forez is a possibility. Surprising, of course, but during the transfer window, anything is possible …

Mandanda for an ASSE loan?

Steve Mandanda is not digesting his status as a replacement for OM. The ASSE would offer him a six-month loan to complete the maintenance operation. The Greens have reportedly learned about the feasibility of the operation.