Audiences: F2 at the top with Michèle Bernier, “Camille et images” leader FRDA-50, Stéphane Plaza in front of the “Telethon”

Friday evening, France 2 has largely risen to the top of the audiences with the new TV movie “Coup de sang”, directed by Christian Bonnet and worn by Michèle Bernier. This detective fiction led by the heroine of “The intern” conquered the hearts of 4.98 million viewers according to Médiamétrie, an audience share of 24.2% for individuals aged four and over (4+) , while the market share for Women responsible for purchases under fifty (FRDA-50) was 7.8%.
Last week, France 2 offered a replay of an episode of “Captain Marleau”, with 4.65 million fans, or 22.1% of the public.

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TF1 follows with “Camille et images”, its entertainment hosted by Camille Combal and produced by Ellimac Productions. The opening of the doors of the front page host’s video club made 3.31 million curious people laugh, according to Médiamétrie. Audience share among individuals aged four and over (4+) reached 15.6%, while the FRDA-50 market share rose to 27.3%. TF1 was thus a broad leader on the commercial target.
Last week, the final of “Dance with the stars”, also played by Camille Combal, had gathered on TF1 4.23 million viewers (21.2% 4+ / 34% FRDA-50).
On Saturday August 21, the previous “Camille et images” attracted 2.35 million viewers (12.5% ​​4+ / 23.8% FRDA-50).

M6 is behind with a new issue of “House for sale”, its real estate program carried by Stéphane Plaza and produced by Reservoir Prod. It attracted 2.15 million fans, or 11.1% of the public and a solid 19.5% of the FRDA-50.
Last week, M6 had bet on an unprecedented episode of “Apartment or house search” which had convinced 1.88 million amateurs (9.2% 4+).

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France 3, for its part, programmed the first evening of the “Telethon 2021”, hosted by Sophie Davant and Cyril Féraud. The charity evening was watched by 692,000 viewers until 3 a.m., or 4.7% of the total audience (2.3% FRDA-50).
Last year, the public channel brought together 799,000 French people with the Telethon, or 4.4% of individuals aged 4 and over.

As for other channels, TF1 Séries Films dominates with “Royal Escapade à Noël”, a telefilm that has attracted 647,000 viewers, or 3.1% of the public (3.1% FRDA-50).