Audiences: Mbappe leader of the audiences, La Star Ac beaten by the TV movie of Fr3, “The Big Heads” weak

Saturday evening, M6 tops the ratings with the “France – Kazakhstan” match at the Parc des Princes in Paris. The large victory of the Blues (8-0), synonymous with qualification for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, was followed by 5.98 million supporters, in watch hearings according to Médiamétrie. The meeting, commented on by Xavier Domergue, Robert Pirès and Carine Galli, garnered an audience share of 28.4% from individuals aged four and over (4+). The chain is a large leader in women purchasing managers under the age of fifty (FRDA-50), with a market share of 28.1%.
The previous qualifying match of the Blues broadcast on M6 against Bosnia-Herzegovina had gathered 5.92 million football fans (25.5% 4+ / 24.0% FRDA-50).

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& quot; Dance with the stars & quot; : The breathtaking performance of Bilal Hassani on TF1


“Dance with the stars”: The breathtaking performance of Bilal Hassani on TF1

France 3 ranks second with the replay of the TV movie “Meurtres à Brides-les-Bains”, directed by Emmanuel Rigaut. The investigation led by Line Renaud into the assassination of her husband, alongside Patrick Catalifo, intrigued 3.64 million thriller lovers, which represents 17.5% of viewers watching their television.
Last week, the previously unseen telefilm “Meurtres à Marie-Galante”, with Pascal Légitimus and Anne Caillon, won the hearings with 4.40 million investigators, or 21.4% of audience share.

The Star Ac under 3 million

TF1 follows with the last number of its souvenir show “Star Academy: we had said an appointment in 20 years”, hosted by Nikos Aliagas. From the Seine Musicale, the coaches and students of season 4 reviewed the most significant moments of their time on the show, to the delight of 2.84 million nostalgic, until 10:20 p.m. The tribute paid to Grégory Lemarchal was shared with 13.4% of the public. the market share of the female commercial target reached 23.5%. The second part of the evening, devoted to season 3, brought together 2.52 million Elodie Frégé fans (18.5% 4+ / 29.6% FRDA-50).
The first two components worked well, especially on the privileged target of advertisers: Jenifer and his comrades had gathered 4.18 million academics (24.8% 4+ / 41.3% FRDA-50), while the band de Nolwenn had held up well against rugby with 3.03 million followers (17.7% 4+ / 30.1% FRDA-50).

France 2 is at the foot of the podium with the entertainment “Les Grosses Têtes”, hosted by Laurent Ruquier. On the occasion of World Television Day, the members of RTL’s star show recalled the greatest moments of television. On average, 1.74 million viewers had fun alongside Caroline Diament, Michèle Bernier and Jeanfi Janssens. The audience share is 9.3% over four years and over and the market share reaches 5.6% for the female commercial target.
The previous prime of the Big Heads, hastily programmed to compensate for the failure of “The Artist”, had signed its worst score as a bonus, bringing together only 1.63 million people (9.0% 4+ / 7.0 % FRDA-50).

As for other channels, France 5 dominates with its escape magazine “Echappées Belles”, produced by Bô Travail. Jérôme Pitorin took 1.17 million travelers in Greece to discover “The Cretan miracle”. The audience share is 5.6% for the general public.
Last Saturday, they were 999,000 alongside Sophie Jovillard to travel the coast of northern France.