Austria makes vaccination “mandatory” from February

The world is going through a phase of hope in the face of COVID-19. The number of infected has increased, but the number of hospitalizations and deaths have not been correlated. Perhaps Ómicron, being a variant that causes more “mild” symptoms, helps more people get antibodies (obviously it’s good on the one hand, but bad on the other).

According to recent information, Austria makes vaccination “mandatory” from February.

COVID-19 vaccine: Infraction will be punished with fines between 600 and 3,600 euros

Austria will be the first country in Europe to make vaccination against COVID-19 "mandatory" for adults, imposing heavy fines on those who do not comply, the Austrian chancellor announced today. Throughout the week, the topic generated heated debates, both in Parliament and in society.

The measure deeply divides Austrian society, at a time when 71.5% of the eligible population has a complete vaccination cycle, a low number compared to other European countries. On Saturday, 27,000 people demonstrated against the measure in Vienna, the capital, accusing the government of disrespecting individual freedoms.

COVID-19: Austria makes vaccination "mandatory" starting in February

The infraction, that is, the failure to take the vaccine, will be punished with fines that vary between 600 and 3,600 euros (in case of recidivism).

Vaccination of minors over 14 years old (mandatory) has been abandoned and the measure will only apply to adults, underlined the chancellor, also mentioning the exceptions for pregnant women and all people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

The bill should be approved on Thursday by Parliament, where Conservatives and Greens have a large majority and, for this measure, they also count on the leaders of the Social Democrat and Liberal parties. Only the extreme right is against it.