Baden-Württemberg – first federal state plans lockdown for unvaccinated people – domestic policy

If this advance from Stuttgart gets through, it will be uncomfortable for the unvaccinated. Uwe Lahl (70, Greens), head of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg, announces: “If 200 to 250 intensive care beds are occupied, we will consider introducing initial contact restrictions for unvaccinated adults.” These are measures that we already know from previous lockdowns , for example, “that only two families are allowed to meet”.

Lockdown for the unvaccinated! From a number of 300 Covid intensive care patients, 2G should also apply. Means: Unvaccinated people would be denied access to restaurants or concerts even with a negative test.

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Baden-Württemberg’s CDU boss Thomas Strobl (61) told BILD am SONNTAG that if the incidences were high among the unvaccinated, you couldn’t just stand by: “If it hits the intensive care units, you have to act. It would be wrong then to hold everyone jointly liable, including those who have been vaccinated – that is why there will be different rules for those who have not been vaccinated than for those who have been vaccinated. “

Baden-Württemberg's CDU leader Thomas Strobl (61)

Baden-Württemberg’s CDU leader Thomas Strobl (61)Photo: Tom Weller / dpa

Around 100 Covid intensive care patients are currently being treated in Baden-Württemberg. According to the State Health Office, the limit value mentioned by Lahl could be reached in a week. At the height of the second and third waves, over 600 Covid intensive care patients were cared for in the state.

Support for the plan comes from Bavaria. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (56, CSU) says it is right to think about future measures such as contact restrictions “to protect the health system”. Virologist Klaus Stöhr (62) also sees positive things: “Finally, crisis communication, in which limit values ​​and the associated control steps are mentioned in advance.”

Health expert Karl Lauterbach (58, SPD) advocates taking measures for unvaccinated people, but criticizes the fact that the rules intervene strongly in private life. “We should only do that if the Hamburg variant is not sufficient.” With the Hamburg 2-G rule, restaurants or cinemas have only been able to let in voluntarily vaccinated and convalescent people since yesterday. According to the BamS survey, 56 percent of Germans would support this model for all of Germany, 34 percent are against it.

Karl Lauterbach (58, SPD)

Karl Lauterbach (58, SPD)Foto: Getty Images

Medical lawyer Dr. Britta Konradt (60) is skeptical about the implementation: “Unlike a private law 2-G rule like in Hamburg, I consider a state-prescribed 2-G rule for restaurants or fitness studios to be disproportionate.” The prerequisite for this is a statutory vaccination requirement . Criticism also comes from the FDP. “There are certainly milder means than the now threatened measure of blanket contact restrictions for unvaccinated people, such as tests,” says Wolfgang Kubicki (69). If the state does not use the milder means, it acts unconstitutionally. (bel, helium, uhu, vw)

Baden-Württemberg: First federal state plans lockdown for unvaccinated people
Photo: BILD

Out of 100 Covid patients in the intensive care unit, 91 are not vaccinated

Incidence as the most important pandemic figure has had its day. Yesterday the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week was 72.2. Ascending trend. But where do you look to know what’s going on with Corona? For example in the clinics.

There, the number of intensive care patients is approaching 1000. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), almost nine percent of the patients treated in intensive care units in the past four weeks had a breakthrough in vaccination – they fell ill despite being fully vaccinated. Conversely, that means: 91 percent of the Covid intensive care patients were not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated! In the clinics, the fourth wave is a wave of the unvaccinated.

A BILD am SONNTAG request from the federal states shows that this also applies to new infections. If the incidence for vaccinated and unvaccinated people is recorded separately, the infection rate of the unvaccinated appears a good ten times as high as that of the vaccinated! Bavaria gave an incidence of 9.2 for vaccinated people and 110.5 for unvaccinated people. The separate incidences from other federal states: Baden-Württemberg

10.1 and 122.5, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 5.5 and 57, Schleswig-Holstein 8.8 and 104.2. Bremen 8.6 and 92, Saarland 14.1 and 150. (toc, vw)