“Benefit-Risk Assessment Favors Vaccination” of Children

“The General Directorate of Health received, on December 5, from the Technical Commission on Vaccination against covid-19 (CTVC), the technical position on vaccination” in children from five to 11 years, begins by clarifying the entity in a statement .

From this technical position, “which results from international studies and from the consultation of other scientific sources”, it was concluded that “the benefit-risk assessment is favorable to universal vaccination of children in this age group, being a priority for children with comorbidities considered at risk for severe covid-19”.

“The December 5 technical position is now released, with a view to the necessary social tranquility in this process”, says the General Directorate of Health.

The DGS also explains that the Commission’s technical position indicated that “the best interval between doses for these age groups was being evaluated and that this technical decision would be taken at the regular CTVC meeting on December 9th”.

This Friday, from 16:00, DGS provides clarification on the vaccination schedule and respective logistics for the start of vaccination in children aged five to 11 years. The first 300,000 vaccines from the BioNTech/Pfizer consortium arrive next Monday.

“Once in possession of this technical decision, the DGS will update the Regulations on vaccination against covid-19, in accordance with the usual procedure”, the statement states.

The note arrives after the entity have refused to make the opinions public who support covid vaccination of children aged five to 11 years. Several parties and doctors demanded the immediate release of technical documents to reassure parents and give more confidence in vaccines.

Graça Freitas had already said that the opinions are not secret, but she rejected the accusation of lack of transparency in the process, promising a technical note explaining the decision shortly.

The Technical Commission on Vaccination against covid-19 (CTVC) is composed of Ana Maria Correia, António Sarmento, Diana Costa, João Rocha, Luís Graça, Luísa Rocha, Manuel do Carmo Gomes, Maria de Fátima Ventura, Maria de Lurdes Silva, Marta Valente Pinto, Raquel Guiomar, Teresa Fernandes and Válter R. Fonseca.