Benfica Sanjoanense Hockey League – SL Benfica


the team of Benfica roller hockey kicked off the 2021/22 edition of the National Championship with a 9-5 triumph, against Sanjoanense, at Pavilhão Fidelidade.

Same without being able to count on Pedro Henriques in the goal for being the fulfill the first of two punishment games, the eagles went into all the gas, with 10 electrifying minutes, three goals and several chances.

The bookmark was opened at 4′, by Lucas Ordoñez. Ball in the middle and a new red goal, this time through Gonçalo Pinto, to the 5′, with a shot from the middle of the street. Those led by Nuno Resende didn’t take their foot off the accelerator and, at 6′, Diogo Rafael fired into the goal bar of Sanjoanense. To the 7′, in a counterattack, Lucas Ordoñez got the opponent out of the way and made it 3-0.


In command of the result, Benfica added clear scoring opportunities denied by Tiago Freitas, São João da Madeira’s goalkeeper who was in a good plan. At 9′, Pablo Álvarez saw the blue card. Afterwards, a direct free-kick for Sanjoanense and James Almeida to beat Rodrigo Vieira. It was 3-1 at the Fidelidade Pavilion (9′). The pace imposed by Benfica did not go down and the 4-1 appeared to 12′ through Edu lamas.

At 15′, Pol Manrubia saw the post deny him the celebration, however, two minutes later (17′), Pablo Alvarez increased the contest in Luz to 5-1. Before the break, to the 24′, Nicholas, with a half-distance shot, surprised Tiago Freitas and made the 6-1 with which rest was reached.

During the break there was a tribute to the European Under-19 Champions by Portugal, with delivery of souvenirs and presence of Vice President Fernando Tavares. Jose Miranda, João Silva, Bernardo Ramalho, James Sanches, João Seixas e Lucas Honorio – loaned to SC Tomar and the only one absent at the event – ​​were awarded.

Winning by five goals difference, the Benfica came from the resorts hungry for more celebrations. To the 27′, Diogo Rafael took advantage of a lack of attention from Sanjoanense to make the 7-1. The 8-1 didn’t take long. To the 30′, penalty for the incarnates and Nicholas, on reload, beating Tiago Freitas. Benfica only played on the track and the 9-1 came to the 36′, by Pol Manrubia.

From here, Benfica lowered the pace and the northern team took the opportunity to reduce distances. To the 39′ and to 40′, Rafael Lourenço scored twice and reduced the score to 9-3. On 41′, Pablo Álvarez hit the Sanjoanense bar and on the 42′, James Almeida made the 9-4. The game was crazy and the 9-5 appeared through a knitted far from Luís Ferreira (45′). In the next minute, on 46′, Lucas Ordoñez failed to convert a free-kick.

Benfica adds the first three points and in the next round they host Juventude Viana.



Nuno Resende (Benfica coach): “It was a good victory, we started well and played at a good pace. We carried what was important in terms of intensity. In the end we had some lack of control in the game, which is good to analyze and improve. The game control has to be with us 50 minutes, because the teams in this championship are never dead. We’ve done a lot of good: offensive and defensive transitions, attack by four… We’re still far from what we’re going to achieve. It’s important the growth we’ll have. Congratulations to the team! very high quality level against a good team. Good victory for Benfica.”

Loyalty Pavilion
Benfica’s starting five
Rodrigo Vieira, Diogo Rafael, Nicolía, Lucas Ordoñez and Gonçalo Pinto
João Seixas, Edu Lamas, Pablo Álvarez, Pol Manrubia and Poka
to the break 6-1
Benfica goals
Lucas Ordoñez (4′ and 7′), Gonçalo Pinto (5′), Edu Lamas (12′), Pablo Álvarez (17′), Nicolía (24′ and 30′), Diogo Rafael (27′) and Pol Manrubia ( 36′)
Marker march
1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 3-1, 4-1, 5-1, 6-1, 7-1, 8-1, 9-1, 9-2, 9-3, 9-4 e 9-5