Black Friday madness: the LG 55C1, queen of 4K OLED TVs of 2021 is at 899 €!

Good plan news Black Friday madness: the LG 55C1, queen of 4K OLED TVs of 2021 is at 899 €!

The LG 55C1 is THE star of OLED TVs. A reference among references, this sublime screen with infinite contrast has it all. 120 Hz, HDMI 2.1, smart TV with a smooth interface, powerful AI … whether it’s to make the most of the PS5 and Xbox Series X or just rediscover your favorite movies and series in the most beautiful way, It is hard to do better. And good news, it has FINALLY fallen below the 1000 € mark for Black Friday!

A crazy price for the LG 55 C1 4K OLED TV: Black Friday is wreaking havoc!

Top of the range among the top of the range, crème de la crème, the C1 consolidates LG’s place as a leader in the OLED market.

To our knowledge, seeing the C1 in 55 inch, usually sold around € 1,500 at such a price, is nothing less than unheard of. Cdiscount just posted the machine at € 999, which is already crazy, but you can do even better with a cash back offer (ODR) from LG.

By providing proof of purchase (Cdiscount invoice) to the Korean manufacturer via a rapid online form, LG will send you an additional 100 € transfer. In all, this extremely sought-after model therefore drops to € 899. Be careful, it is possible that Cdiscount does not benefit from LG’s operation (the sources are sometimes dissonant). You can also try the promo code MININS25EUROS to grab a few extra euros. Anyway, seeing the lg 55C1 below the thousand euro mark is quite exceptional.

We strongly advise you to hurry if the offer interests you. The LG55C1 is a highly sought after model and many people are paying attention to the price curve. It has never been seen at such a low price, stocks have a good chance of being empty within an hour.

Buy the LG 55C1 on Cdiscount for 899 € (via ODR)

Let’s not dwell forever on the characteristics of the C1, if you feel ready to invest a large sum in a TV, you have surely already consulted many independent tests and opinions and observed for yourself that this TV OLED is very popular. It’s not for nothing that everyone recommends it so highly.

OLED has revolutionized the world of screens and LG is one of the manufacturers who master the technology the best. The OLED screens are immediately noticeable, you only have to compare the 2 Nintendo Switch models: the difference is shocking when we have 2 images in 720p only. The idea is not to need backlighting, so to offer infinite contrast and perfect blacks.

The C1’s extremely capable AI further enhances both sound and image while preventing the scorch marks some people dread when they hear the word OLED.

LG also has a critically acclaimed “operating system”. Controlled by the MagicRemote, the remote control like a “Wii controller”, WebOS is extremely fluid, ergonomic and pleasant to use. Applications like Twitch, YouTube, Disney +, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Molotov are perfectly optimized.

It gives you OLEDs 4K and 120 Hz coupled with the game mode allows you to take full advantage of next gen consoles. The connection is more than complete (yes, the famous HDMI 2.1 and HDMI eARC ports are there). For movie lovers, you even have the right to “FilmMaker mode” which perfectly reflects the intentions of the directors.

In short, the C1 is an exceptional TV and it is, probably for a very short time, offered at an exceptional price.

Buy the LG 55C1 on Cdiscount for 899 € (via ODR)

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