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The evacuation of downtown Göttingen has been completed. Experts from the ordnance disposal service get to work in these minutes.

In the morning, construction workers found the 250-kilogram bomb with an impact fuse from the Second World War at the Weender Tor. The city’s crisis team, in collaboration with bomb experts, drew a 1,000-meter radius around the site. Around 20,000 residents had to be evacuated, including around 130 patients from two hospitals. The entire old town as well as parts of the east quarter, the north city and west of the railway line are affected.

Citizen phone and live ticker

For information and registration for Corona accommodation, the city has a citizen hotline at the number (0551) 707 51 00 as well as on the Internet in a live blog at: set up. The citizen telephone remains switched on overnight. The Göttingen police tweeted under the hashtag #goebombe071021. At peak times, more than 800 rescue and emergency services were on site.

Both evacuation centers full

The evacuation dragged on until about 11.30 p.m. The city had set up two evacuation centers in the Weender festival hall and the sports hall of the Felix-Klein-Gymnasium. For those infected with corona, there was emergency accommodation at Große Breite 10. Bus shuttles brought residents out of the danger zone. The police checked the cleared streets and houses with two drones and the “Phoenix” police helicopter from Hanover.

Trains do not go to Göttingen

The bus service of the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe GöVB has been suspended until further notice. Regional buses are widely diverted. The Göttingen main train station, which is located near the site, is closed, and rail traffic through Göttingen has ceased. Long-distance trains are diverted via Altenbeken in North Rhine-Westphalia. According to the train, the journey time is extended by 80 minutes. Trains of the metronome start and end in Northeim. As the regional train operator announced, buses run alternatively between Northeim and Göttingen – with a stop in Nörten-Hardenberg.


1 Min

Those responsible suspect up to 80 duds in the city area. The review will take years. (22.09.2021) 1 min

Experts find 80 suspicious points

Duds from World War II are not uncommon in Göttingen. At the beginning of the year, experts blew up aerial bombs several times. Two weeks ago, the city announced that experts from the ordnance disposal service and the city had identified around 80 suspect points. Ten suspicious points are therefore close to and under houses. In 2010, three employees of the ordnance disposal service of the state of Lower Saxony died when a dud exploded.

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A fire brigade's car blocks access to a street after a dud was found. © NDR

1 Min

The World War II bomb was found at the Weender Tor. The area will be evacuated within a radius of 1,000 meters. (07.10.2021) 1 min

A sign indicates a bomb disposal. © dpa Photo: Friso Gentsch

According to the city, ten of them are on or under buildings. It will probably take years for everyone to be checked. (22.09.2021) more

View of craters after the controlled detonation of duds in Göttingen. © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Swen Pförtner

The ten-hundredweight bombs were detonated on Sunday night. People were not harmed. (31.01.2021) more

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