Brinkhaus praises the SPD: “Has stood in the election campaign like a block”

Germany Germany Day of the Junge Union

Brinkhaus praises SPD – “Has stood in the election campaign like a block”

Standing ovations for the big loser in the election

The Junge Union’s Germany Day in Münster continues. The CDU and CSU get in the mood for the opposition work at the meeting of the youngsters of the party. In addition to dealing with the election disaster, combative tones can be heard again.

At the Junge Union’s Germany Day, Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus found words of praise for the unity of the SPD in the election campaign. Those who pass on internal information to the public cannot go back to the Chancellery.

Dhe parliamentary group chairman of the CDU and CSU in the Bundestag calls on the Union to unite after the defeat in the Bundestag election. “We have to change how we work together,” said Ralph Brinkhaus at the Junge Union’s Germany Day on Sunday in Münster. Loyalty and solidarity must be the focus again.

Brinkhaus referred to the SPD as a positive example in the election campaign, which stood like a bloc. “After an event like the one on September 26, you can’t go back to normal and carry on like this,” said the politician from the Gütersloh district. He described the historically worst result in a federal election as “devastating”.

Brinkhaus sharply attacked party friends with reference to indiscretions from internal meetings. “It’s a question of attitude. Internal issues must remain internal, ”said the group chairman. Only those who have the attitude that the political opponent is not in their own party can go back to the Chancellery.

Brinkhaus thanks Merkel

He expressly thanked the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel for 16 years as Chancellor. Although he had crossed over with Merkel several times, as was the case with the issue of migration. But: “Germany has been governed better than most other countries in the world over the past 16 years. Thank you very much for that and for your commitment, ”said Brinkhaus. At the same time, he pointed out that in future the Union should no longer be dependent on just one person. It is important that the Union is perceived as a team.

Brinkhaus sharply criticized the exploratory paper by the SPD, Greens and FDP. “This is the tightest left-wing agenda that we have had in Germany for decades,” he said. “It’s a social make a wish. Everything is given to everyone, everything is fulfilled for everyone. “

He wonders why the Jusos and the Green Youth did not ask who should pay the “eternal pension guarantee”. Nothing is counter-financed. There was no commitment against Eurobonds and the mutualisation of debts. Brinkhaus spoke of an approach that doesn’t trust people and the state a lot. Brinkhaus also criticized the proposals on migration. “This is an invitation to illegal migration.” Brinkhaus concluded: “This traffic light coalition is not good for our country (…) That is why it must be our aim to knock them out of the Federal Chancellery again.”

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Brinkhaus also drew displeasure from the Junge Union. After his greeting, a delegate asked him what the search for a new party leader should look like. The CDU politician did not want to commit himself and compared the questioner to a journalist. The JU chairman Tilman Kuban joined the discussion and criticized Brinkhaus for it. The guest stayed with it and referred to his moderating role in the parliamentary group.

In addition to economic expert Friedrich Merz, health minister Jens Spahn, foreign politician Norbert Röttgen and economic politician Carsten Linnemann, Brinkhaus is considered a possible candidate for the CDU leadership and thus as the successor to party leader Armin Laschet.