Cabrita’s car followed at 166km/h. Driver accused of negligent homicide – Observer

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The driver driving the car followed by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, and who killed a worker on the A6 to death, was accused of negligent homicide and two administrative offences. According to the indictment to which the Observer had access, the driver was following the left lane at a speed of 166 kilometers/hour.

In the process that took place at the Évora Department of Investigation and Criminal Action, and which is no longer a secret from the courts, the prosecutor of the Public Ministry says that the driver Marco Pontes did not have a “safe drive”, always driving on the left lane and not foreseeing as a possibility the “vehicle collision”. What happened at kilometer 77.6 of the highway, towards Marateca. In the car were the minister, three other occupants and the driver. They all came from the GNR School in Portalegre.

The GNR investigation found that the driver, who collided with the left side of the car on the worker who was in the central separator, exceeded the speed prescribed by law by more than 40 kilometers. It also concluded that despite the works along the right side of the highway, there was no traffic, that the location was in good condition and that “the option for driving on the left lane was not justified”.

Nuno crossed the A6 and was run over by the central separator. The accident with Cabrita’s car told by whoever was at the scene


The accident occurred on June 18, 2021 when the car in which Cabrita was following ran over Nuno Santos, 43, who was part of a team of workers who were in the lane on the right side of the road. Nuno Santos reportedly went to the central tab and was returning to his colleagues when he was picked up.

Regarding one of the points of the accident that generated different versions, the Observer knows that the dispatch mentions that, at the place of the accident, the road was signposted and the workers were properly equipped. It should be remembered that, right after the accident, the MAI said that there was no sign on the road to alert drivers to the work in progress and that it was being carried out by Nuno Santos and his colleagues. But this version was quickly contradicted by BRISA itself, which ensured “the signs of the cleaning work carried out on the right side of the A6 [e que] was being fulfilled by ArquiJardim”.

Contacted by the Observer, the lawyer representing the victim’s family explained that he expects the case to proceed directly to trial without an investigation stage in order to proceed with the civil claim for compensation. “Perhaps it would be more useful to proceed to the trial, with the Portuguese state being civilly responsible because the act is personified by the Minister of Internal Affairs Eduardo Cabrita”, José Joaquim Barros told the Observer.

Cabrita says that it is necessary to check “crossing an unsigned road” and defends himself: “I am a passenger”

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita, has already reacted: “It is the rule of law in operation”, he said, defining himself as “a passenger”. “Conditions of crossing unsigned lanes must be clarified in the context of the accident”, he stressed, asking that “trust in the rule of law” because “no one is above the law”.

Driver’s car hit the left side

GNR meanwhile collected pieces of toilet paper and biological material from the central separator that was analyzed.