Carmen Salinas is in a coma and on assisted respiration

(Photo by Medios y Media/Getty Images)

A few hours after it was reported that Carmen Salinas was admitted to the hospital after suffering a stroke, the closest relatives have provided the first statements about the health of the 82-year-old artist.

Visibly affected by the news they received from the doctors, Carmen Plascencia and Gustavo, granddaughter and nephew of Doña Carmelita, informed the press how serious the renowned actress is.

“Currently my grandmother is in a coma, with her organs functioning naturally, that is, she is making them work and the diagnosis is a stroke in the stem part, and we are waiting to follow how she progresses,” explained Carmen Plascencia.

Faced with speculation that Salinas is intubated, Plascencia commented: “He is on assisted respiration, he is on a ventilator, it is the only part that is assisted, the rest works by itself.”

In the same way, the artist’s granddaughter added: “she started to feel bad from one moment to the next, and the doctors have told us to be here on the lookout, and the diagnosis is delicate.”

Regarding what happened to Carmelita before her health deteriorated, the young woman said: “at approximately 10 o’clock at night, (she was) at home, as she always has, unstoppable, working with all her desire. And she had dinner, watched her soap opera and suddenly they called us that she was fainted ”.

Finally, Gustavo asked the public to ask for his aunt’s health. “I ask you very much to continue praying for her, I am devastated right now by what is happening […] we are waiting for what the doctors tell us ”, in addition to clarifying that the coma is not induced, as it arose naturally. In addition to noting that the next report will be given at 7 at night.

Carmen Salinas / Mexico Agency

Carmen Salinas / Mexico Agency

It should be noted that prior to this information, the journalist Sebastián Reséndiz specified in the Hoy program what happened to the leading actress before her health relapse.

“She came last night from her call from the soap opera“ My fortune is loving you ”, after dinner, she decides to take a bath and then sleep. Apparently in the bathroom she gives this rise in pressure […] which is what triggers this stroke, and it is when the people who care for her at home, who have been working with her for about 25 years, find her. They notify their nephew Gustavo and that is when they decide to transfer her in an emergency, “he said about it.


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