CD Nacional Benfica B Liga 2 Football

A Benfica B team went to Estádio da Madeira, this Sunday morning, to beat CD Nacional, by 0-3, in a game of the 18th round of Liga 2.

THE Benfica B entered the game practically winning, but the first part had national plus sign, with more possession of the ball and with strong high pressure; the red ones came out in quick attacks and had a superlative effectiveness.

Before, Martim Neto worked well and finished for António Filipe to intervene. Following Umaro Embaló’s corner kick, Henrique Araújo took advantage of António Filipe’s failure to open the scoring: 0-1 at Estádio da Madeira, at 3′.

The eagles were better, and at the 9′, new opportunity. Good collective play by Benfica, with triangulations in the central aisle, the ball reached Tiago Gouveia on the left, he flexed inward and shot for António Filipe to fit. The National responded to 12′. Left free-kick marked by Marco Matias and Rafael Vieira heading the post; on recharge, Vítor Gonçalves kicked for Kokubo’s defense.

Motivated by this move, the islanders took on the high pressure, created difficulties for Benfica B in the offensive construction and focused on the left flank when attacking. Even so, there were few clear scoring opportunities. To the 36′, Witi, head, forcing Leo Kokubo to save.

To the 41′, The 0-2. The eagles’ insistence bid, Umaro Embaló crossed and Miguel Nóbrega, at the second post, heading for the festivities. Nacional returned to the charge in discounts. At 45’+1′, Rafael Vieira, in a good position, shot over, and, at 45’+3′, João Camacho shot for Leo Kokubo to shake. To the interval was 0-2 at Madeira Stadium.

Losing, Nacional, naturally, would come back with everything from the changing rooms, but it was the Benfica B increasing the score. before, at 49′, Suliman heading and the ball passing inches from the goal incarnate. Benfica B wanted to have more ball in the second half and, at 53′, did the 0-3. Quick move, the ball passed Henrique Araújo, Tiago Gouveia and Martim Neto, reached Umaro Embaló, who, dropped to the right in the area, passed Witi and scored.

The home team did not give up and, at 59′, took another shot at Benfica’s goal B. Francisco Ramos crossed on the right and Rochez headed to the side. Ball here, ball there… the game was alive, and at 62′ it was the turn of Tiago Gouveia shoots hard, but the ball goes over. In the next minute, at 63′, Wheat designed an individual play and the middle of the street disparou para Kokubo suster.

The game then entered a more uncharacteristic phase, with few stops, but also without opportunities from either side. The exception appeared to 90’+1′. First Bruno Gomes headed in for Kokubo’s defense. corner kick and Rouai heading to the post the goal of Benfica B. Despite the final pressure from the islanders, at Estádio da Madeira, the result of 0-3 no longer changed.

With the return to winning ways, Benfica B isolated itself in league 2 leadership, with 36 points. In the next round, the eagles receive Penafiel at Benfica Campus.

National-Benfica B


António Oliveira (Benfica B coach): “It’s a fair victory for Benfica B. These players already deserved it. It was a victory of organization, of overcoming and suffering, because we also knew how to suffer. This team has evolved within a difficult competitive context. create difficulties for the opponent. Our opponent grew through corners and free-kicks. We had problems controlling the width in the first half, but we rectified that at half-time. transition hurt the opponent. We essentially needed to win. This victory is for the players, it’s for the players. I’m very happy.”

Umaro Embaló (Benfica B player and “Man of the Match”): “We knew we were going to have a tough game, we created our chances and took advantage of it. I’m the ‘Man of the Match’, but it doesn’t mean much. What matters is the work the team has done. We wanted a win and we got it.”

Miguel Nóbrega (Benfica B player): “This game was important for us. What interested us was the victory and these three points away from home are very important. It’s important to score in Madeira [onde o central nasceu] and being able to be with the fans. We knew what we had to do, we went in focused and convinced that we had to score early, and that’s what happened.”

National CD-Benfica
Madeira Stadium
Benfica B eleven
Leo Kokubo, Fábio Baptista, Miguel Nóbrega, Pedro Álvaro (Pedro Ganchas, 39′), Sandro Cruz, Rafael Brito, Cher Ndour, Martim Neto, Umaro Embaló (Luis Lopes, 78′), Tiago Gouveia (Henrique Pereira, 83′) and Henrique Araújo
Carlos Santos, João Tomé, Pedro Ganchas (39′), Rafael Rodrigues, Nuno Félix, Ronaldo Camará, Jair Tavares, Henrique Pereira (83′), Luís Lopes (78′)
at break 0-2
Benfica B goals
Henrique Araújo (3′), Miguel Nóbrega (41′) and Umaro Embaló (53′)
clinical bulletin
Diogo Capitão (bone contusion in the right knee), Filipe Cruz (muscle injury in the left thigh), Samuel Soares (post-surgical status of fracture of a finger of the right hand), João Resende (infected with COVID-19) and João Neto ( infected with COVID-19)