Change Sebastián Córdova for Uriel Antuna would remain stagnant until next week

Sources commented to ESPN that Antuna’s refusal and the salary issue maintain the obstacles, also that he is not convinced of living in CDMX

The possible exchange of América and Chivas involving Sebastian Córdova and Uriel Antuna continues to be detained and this situation would remain so until next week, when the talks would be resumed to try to close the operation as soon as possible.

Sources told ESPN that Antuna’s refusal to sign with America continues to be the main obstacle to completing the operation.; The ‘Brujo’ still does not accept the salary conditions offered by the azulcrema team and is not convinced of moving to Mexico City, so he has preferred not to stamp his signature and continue with the negotiations.

For its part, Córdova is waiting for Antuna to say ‘yes’ to America to pack his bags and go to Guadalajara; For several days the Americanist midfielder has been on the departure platform to travel to Jalisco, however this situation will not happen until the Chivas player still gives the ‘ok’ to the Americanists.

On the other hand, before Antuna’s indecision American fans created the hashtag ‘#AntunaNoFirmes’, with the aim of persuading the soccer player to definitively reject the efforts of the Azulcrema board of directors and stay in his current team, in addition to making him see that he is not welcome as a player for the Eagles.

For the moment so much, Córdova and Antuna are with the Mexican National Team working towards the friendly on December 8 against Chile; Both players are currently concentrating on their participation in the tricolor and the negotiation of the possible change would take place until next week.