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Status: 10.10.2021 00:01

Due to the expansion of the autobahn, the A7 in Hamburg, including the Elbe tunnel, was fully closed yesterday evening at 9 p.m. until 9 a.m. today.

The traffic computer of the tunnel control center is getting a software update, said Autobahn GmbH Nord. In addition, the temporary auxiliary dam south of the tunnel must be maintained. During the twelve-hour closure between the Heimfeld and Volkspark junctions in the north and Volkspark and Hausbruch in the south, road sign bridges in the Altona section are also to be dismantled. In addition, a road renovation at the Waltershof junction is planned from Friday evening.

The A7 full closure began at 9 p.m. and according to the information it will continue until 9 a.m. The connection points in the area were partially closed an hour before and will not be released again until an hour later.

Detour via A1, A255 and Elbbrücken

The Autobahn GmbH recommends the route via the A1, A255 and Elbbrücken as a diversion. The A7 should be left in the north in Stellingen or at the Volkspark, in the south already at the Horster Dreieck.

Construction work south and north of the Elbe tunnel

The motorway is currently being widened to eight lanes. To the south of the Elbe tunnel, the A7 runs around four kilometers on stilts. Two more tracks will be added in the middle of the bridge structure by 2027. In order to maintain the six-lane traffic on the tunnel ramp, two lanes in the direction of Hanover were relocated to an auxiliary embankment.

To the north of the Elbe tunnel, the motorway will be expanded by the end of 2028 and at the same time a 2.2 km long noise protection tunnel will be built in the Altona section.

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