Controversial Professor Didier Raoult in favor of “systematic vaccination” of caregivers

“I encourage all my colleagues to get closer to their vaccination center,” wrote the infectious disease specialist on Twitter on Friday.

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He will undoubtedly not be the muse of covid-skeptics for very long. Professor Didier Raoult, known for his defense of a controversial treatment of Covid-19, said on Friday, July 9 on Twitter, to be in favor of the “systematic vaccination” caregivers.

Thursday, Didier Raoult has already spoken in favor of the vaccination of “population at risk of being particularly overexposed, or at risk of developing serious forms”, he told AFP, during a lunch organized by the Franco-Chinese investor club China Business Club, in Paris. For the professor of microbiology, “the nursing staff who are exposed must seriously consider vaccination “. The infectious disease specialist also cited “the elderly” and those suffering from “unhealthy obesity”.

Generally, “The vaccine indication which does not seem to me to be questionable is when you have a risk. The individual benefit is all the more important the more exposed you are”, he said in a question-and-answer session.

Didier Raoult qualified “vaccines” d’“elements useful in the fight against infection by Covid-19”. For the rest of the population, the specialist in infectious diseases was much more skeptical, especially for children.